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Jameis Winston Fandom Coping Cycle

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Now in year 5....

Before game 1:  He's the man!

After game 1: (applicable if no new HC or OC hired in offseason). He sucked but that's only because the coaching sucks.


After game 1: (if new HC or OC) He sucks but he'll get better as he learns the system.

After game 4: Bench his ass!  (Name of backup) can't do any worse.

After game 8: Might as well put him back in there and see if he gets any better.  After all, he was the overall #1.

After game 12: Seriously, this misogynist rapey piece of shit sucks. 

After game 14: Blow this fucking place all to hell.

After game 16: yes, he played for shit but I thought I saw glimpses of something late in the season. I think I'm willing to give the misogynist rapey piece of shit thief another chance, 

Monday post-draft:  maybe this will be his year.

Game 1: see above. 

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