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OT did anyone see the Panties game...

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One of the reasons I thought the Niners game was disasterous for the Bucs is because road teams on Thursday nights typically struggle to the point of being non-competitive and I'll be surprised if the game is even close vs. the Panthers. Then the Bucs have the 7 game period where they are on the road because of the "home" game in London.

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1 hour ago, jobuc597 said:

"Home game" in London.....WTF.....well maybe we can serve Cam the Spotted Dick....

Serve it in his bloody bum. And this whole international push is bollocks for taking games away from the home teams. 

But fuck me NFL? I'm not the demographic whose dick your sucking for your revenue stream. Just watching the NFL commercials and saying what the fuck was that means I'm not likely to want to spend a dime on any a yo shit. 

Oh, and there's no spotted dick over there anymore. It's fuckin curry fuckin everything everywhere. Fish, chips, and fukin curry that's turned out to be better than the putrid shit they used to be fond of. It had to be the most fukin putrid shit ever since the shit cuisine from India is shit they don't even want to eat in fukin India. The Queen blows more spotted dick than you find in cans over there. Bitch is fartin masala and tandoori everything out her royal poopole for fuck sake. Try a nice braciole for a change or a decent osso buco damnit. Bloody hell.

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