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Face it.. The Rays

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One of the best Ray's games of all time.

In Yankee stadium, against that team, with those fuctard fans acting like jackasses behind home plate, with a player that had already had 2 home runs, against that pitcher and all while being down to your final strike. BOOM!

No matter what happens this season, that game and that moment will be remembered for a long time. 


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18 hours ago, rook said:

Kevin Cash lost this game. You can not face the heart of this Yankee lineup with a reliever with one pitch. How do you keep him in there after the two run homer and let him load the bases and give up a grand slam.

I agree Cash lost the game...I think....We need Alvarado...and Castillo...healthy ….Castillo struggled but I believe in him.....Glasnow was money and needs to get back...

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