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McCoy Released

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More about how disrespected he feels. Has there ever been a player as perpetually butthurt as McCoy? Other than Josh Freeman that is? 🤣


‘In the history of Bucs, they have a Ring of Honor… When Sapp, Lynch, Brooks, Selmon, Barber left, nobody wore their number. They didn’t give their number away It was a sign of respect… I am one of the best players to play in the organization. It kind of shows they kind of respect they have for me.”


It’s hard to imagine how damaging it was to the team to have this gaping pussy ‘leading’ the defense for the past decade. No wonder the team played soft and the defense sucked.

The Definition of Butthurt

No one respects you because you’re a pussy-ass clown Gerald. Now fuck off already.


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Between his perpetual butthurt and frequently bruised ******, it’s a wonder McCoy ever sees the field. Hopefully the Panthers have a well-trained gynecologist on staff to deal with McCoy. 

Pewter Report on McCoy's Bruised Girl Parts

The reports about him missing games due to ridiculously minor injuries just add to what a complete pussy he is.

Suh has NEVER missed a game due to injury. He plats through everything. The two he missed were due to suspension for trying to murder opposing players. That toughness will be a huge asset. I can’t wait to see it rub off on the rest of the defense.


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3 hours ago, Axe said:

OMG - looking st the article’s title, I wonder if the writer has followed this board (or the SPiT board).

Chidi Knows: Addressing Gerald McCoy’s Statements

Sapp knows it. Brooks knows it. Chidi knows it. So does Culvernise.


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