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Bucs bringing in Testaverde for workout

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1 hour ago, jobuc597 said:

If Testa is ******** and Verde is green....Are we talking green Balls..... TesteVerde

Green head. But he probably sees himself more as a testa arancia.

And yer balls are cajones. As in the popular expression "Non mescoli mio cojones, stunod."

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13 minutes ago, jobuc597 said:

Testa is the Italian translation for head.... right ...I'm Spanish family from Spain....Teste is latin ********....or as you say also Cajones…

Cabeza in Spanish is head....I also stink at speaking Spanish....

I don't speak any languages. But Capo in Italian is also head but the head like the boss, not like the blowjob.

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On 4/14/2019 at 2:25 AM, Tundra said:

You are always the fucking man, Axe. 

Now give me another pic of a kid about to defecate on the carpet while his brother gets buttfucked by a big dog. 

That was poetry in photographic art right there. 

Will one with his sister work instead?

If not I am going to have to stop by a certain Waffle House to get that photo......

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