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Trent Dilfer to Announce Bucs Draft Pick

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It did count. Refs blew the call. He also had a fumble returned for a TD that should have been an incomplete pass. Zeier threw a pass to Karl Williams that was initially called a catch. Then Ed Hochuli over ruled the correct call and called the pass incomplete during instant replay. The Bucs got one of those apology letters although the NFL still fined Dungy for complaining about the bad calls.

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1 hour ago, Pirate said:

I have to say, it warms my heart to have a board reputation as a committed Dilfer-hater. And that is the perfect pic.  A duck interception that didn't count because he'd already stepped out of bounds. Only Dilfer could snatch incompetence out of the jaws of ineptitude. 

It will warm my heart to view your commentary on Dildo's performance announcing the Bucs next 2nd round draft bust. 

Can't wait!!!\

Oh and as rook says, that indeed was a pick, the refs did indeed fuck it up royally like so many other Buc games.  Only Dildo can inspire ineptitude from the refs as well as his teammates. 

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