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Tundra, start beating off again...

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9 minutes ago, Dunn_Deal28 said:

Buckner might be back. Rodgers is interviewing with the Giants for a senior position on their defensive staff; whatever the F that means. He's said to be leaning towards staying in New York.

This would require T to have stopped which is a pretty big stretch.

Buckner is still under contract with the Bucs through 2019 and has not been let go. Either guy should suffice. Rodgers has a good rep as a DL coach. The senior position with the Giants probably is at a higher level than DL coach.

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Man, you guys have high expectations for me.  I just read the Fishwrap piece about how Arians develops players and coaches, and how every player on the team will be getting reps so they can measure progress of every player.  So I just finished beating off a few more times. 

But if Buckner is officially retained, which IMO he should be for the job he did with a previously dead unit, I will probably be able to find enough motivation to pull out a few air bubbles and some knee cartilage. . 

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