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It’s Been 10 Years Since Raheehaw

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Wow. What a lost decade. Looking back, boy have the Glazertards shit the bed and fucked themselves in it.   Naming a guy who was not able to make a very good cup of coffee as GM, a party boy who liked drinking with his players in the bars more than practicing them hard, and a roster that got the idea it was ok to coast during practice and quit in the games, 

That culture has been stinking up the halls of One Buc Place for the last decade. 

Im too old now for any more of that bullshit. 

The thing that has me especially fired up about Arians is the video from the Pittsburgh O-tackle talking about how Arians got up in his grill and disemboweled him .  I expect an Arians training camp and practice regime to be way different from what the Bucs have been doing since Raheehaw poisoned the culture.  And I don’t mean the grade school toes on the line bullshit of Schiano.  

A team becomes what it measures and rewards, and by developing habits that make reproducing positive results an ordinary process.  Arians knows this and coaches that way. 

When does 2019 season start?! I am PUMPED!!!!!

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