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Dr. Heat is fired

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49 minutes ago, SamuraiBuc said:

yeah, I just don't get this unless it's because Williams is a king-sized doucher that no one likes, even the Browns owners.

Must be that. Being a results oriented sort, unless he has a load of dead baby llamas in his trunk, I don’t give a shit as long as his players perform.  But looks like we’re getting geared up with a good staff. Special teams aside, apparently, but what the hell, we are the Bucs after all. 

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4 hours ago, Dunn_Deal28 said:

The Browns seem to be overturning that entire staff even though they're keeping Kichens. Sort of strange not to have any continuity. But, its the Browns.

Thank joke-telling Jesus for the Browns. I give them through week 8 or 9 next year before it’s clear the loonies are running the asylum and their offensive version of Raheem Morris is exposed. 

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