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The Rebuild is Complete!

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Not really. But I'm fuckn pumppedded to see Bruce Arians already embracing the Bucco Bruce thing.




Just need to get that gay feather and blade out of it and do something with the skull logo that the Bucs won the Super Bowl with.  Maybe Bruce can demand new uniforms. Go back to the Super Bowl winning uniforms for chrissakes. 

Another thing -- give every player a chance to talk with you before just deciding to blow them. Off. I mean. 

Like Gerald  -- maybe now that a proven and real head coach of all phases of the game is on the scene, maybe Bruce can talk Big 93 into staying around and not feeling the pressure of being the face of the franchise, accept a pay cut, and play football. 

Maybe he'll get Santos to jerk off his dog to feed the cat. So many exciting possibilities. 

Who will the backup quarterback be?  Can't be a rookie. Griffin will probably go to Atlanta. So many questions. I'm having another drink and going to watch soe Arizona Cardinals games. Burp.

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