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Cowbits - Succaneers is the National Game Today

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Why. WHY does the nation have this perceived fascination with the fucking Cowtoys?  WHY??????????  Fox wants to show the Sows beating up on some poor schmucks to get America ready for the postseason. Like putting a go-pro camera on the backyard bully and telling him to go beat up the crippled kid that lives in a box down the street. 

Another national humiliation coming. Great.  And you know what? This is just the kind of game the Succaneers will fuck up and luck out into a win. They suck so much they even suck at sucking.  Now that there's nothing good that comes out of a win as far as the future goes, they'll fucking relax and play ok, and the Sowboys may be victims of their own press clippings. 

A succaneers accidental victory today would not surprise me much. 

But I am still expecting the usual curb stomping, lacking in physicality loss we've grown to know and loathe over the years.  This stupid fucking team. Hatem. 




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1 minute ago, Gulf Shore Steve said:

Yeah Troy. Evans might have gotten away with a push but Jaylen Smith didn't do anything out of the ordinary with his arms around Hump's neck so he couldn't come back to the ball. Hate this MF on Cowboys games every week.

He only had one arm around Hump's neck. Hard for the ref to noticed little things like that either.

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