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What To Do With Winston?

What to do with Winston?  

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  1. 1. Sign him, trade him, other?

    • He’s the future of the franchise. Sign him to a big money long-term deal.
    • It’s too soon to dump him. Keep him around for next year. See how he does and then decide on the long-term deal.
    • He’s done here. Get what we can for him in trade and move on this offseason.

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Yeah, I’m not buying that, the stats have QB’s from different eras. How many Colt fans were pining for Manning’s head? Sure, right, I am saying Winston is the next Manning, or is it Glennon? I’m a 42

Jesus tap dancing Christ... Only people I really ever heard saying he needed more weapons was the coaching staff/GM.  Remember we had Vjax, Evans, ASJ and Doug Martin.  There were weapons.  One t

I’m not here to defend his behavior, but if he wasn’t charged it’s because there wasn’t enough evidence that he committed a crime.  It’s that simple and it’s not like he hasn’t been investigated like

Don't want to send free to the brink and risk a stroke, but...

Winston's going to be starting under center in 2019 and probably for a few years after that.

The QB class in this year's draft is incredibly thin. Admittedly, people said the same thing about Wentz and Goff and those two worked out just fine. But, as of now, there's no one that looks to be a sure thing and there's no guarantee that the Bucs will even be in a position to take someone like Herbert or Haskins.

As thin as the draft class is, the free agent market is even worse unless you want Bridgewater or ironically enough, free's new obsession Kaepernick.


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Here's the 'article' about Winston to Denver. For context, the guy that wrote it is a Bleacher Report contributor and was spit balling various trade scenarios. Most of which have 0% of happening. It would be like the 'most informed' writing an article about how Vernon Hargreaves deserves a long-term deal.....because he's a Gator.

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