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Fucktard back at QB

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The QB draft class isn't looking too strong. Although people doubted Goff and Wentz and that worked out really well for their respective teams. If Herbert comes out, maybe he and Lock turn into franchise QB's. But, do you position yourselves to take one of them and start down the path of grooming yet another QB, or do you go with Winston? The latter seems to make a lot more sense, unless the rest of this season completely implodes.

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Fucktard sorely missed the deep DeSean and only threw for like 250 yards. 

OK, nobody missed Jackson.

Today's passing attack would be great, fantastic even,  if it was supported by a running game.

Two TD's and no turnovers and it's hard to complain that Winston looked kinda vanilla completing 66 percent. Especially when we saw Cam fuckin Newton suffer from explosive diarrhea right there in a half empty Raymond James stadium. 

Go Jar Jar!

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