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Giants 45 Succaneers 18

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Fitz coughs it up 4 times, defense can’t cover anyone or pressure Eli. Barkley has 300 yards of total offense. Cairo misses 3 PATs  and 2 field goals. 

Why do we follow this turdchise? Why?




Monken Bitches. 

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My prediction: the Giants march straight down in like 4 plays to score..........oh, wait. Thats already happened. 

Next prediction.....Bucs march down and fail to score after getting to the 4 yard line......oh, wait. thats already happened. 

giants ball on the 4. Prediction- two first downs in 30 seconds on big plays. Oh wait, that already happened. 

On the 35 after 3 plays. Next prediction: Giants TD in the next 5 plays. 



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My beautiful girlfriend just asked me: " How can you root for a team like the Bucs. They are always terrible". Please note, she is a long time NE - Pats fan. And is more knowledgable about the game than most men I know. 

I don't know why. Being a fan of the Bucs is like.........being a fan of getting punched in the face and kicked in the gut. And then having your balls cut off. 


There must be a complete cleansing of the organization. Swallow the Go-Lightly, clear a path to the toilet, and just shit out this cesspool of losers. Licht, Winston, Koeter, Geraldine, all the old crap that keeps this place stinking like a sewer. 

Oh wow, just tuned in again and its 14-0. Shocker. Against the worst team in the NFL (besides the Bucs). How in  the fuck did this team beat NO and Philly??? Because they had talent and could compete: and then their defense showed up. Err........I mean demonstrated how ball-less and pride=less they are. No pride. No courage. No sense of responsibility for their play or for supporting the fan base which has suffered miserably. 


Where the hell is the tequila?? 



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