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Got the Bucs Solution

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OK, Time for some roster moves.  Broncos back up QB Chad Kelly was at Von Millers party...got stupid shitfaced, kicked out, broke into the neighbors house, beaten by a vacuum cleaner and arrested. He was promptly dismissed by the Broncos.

He could be the new starter, Fitz to back up, Shit can Jackass Winston (hell, maybe the Broncos would sign him). Chad was ready to take the reigns there. He can do it here with all the qualifications, including being arrested.

Steelers are all done with Le'Veon Bell since he never reported. We could sign him with a great contract like 500M for 2 years, guaranteed, pay him and he'll have a season ending injury the 1st game. That way we have no money to pay for a non- suck ass defense. We will suck for the next 10 years. Sounds perfect to me. Problem solved!!

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On ‎11‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 6:35 AM, fanofdabucs said:

Let’s get rid of one jackass for another. Brilliant and probably exactly what this dumbass franchise will do.

My point exactly, I know …..SARCASTIC!

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