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It's a wrap!

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It's time to play for next year. We need to get ready for another bad season. Turnovers kill us yet again. "Fitzmagic" throws 2 INTS again Roger's fumbles the ball through the endzone. Defense cant get to QB on a regular and DBs don't cover. Is it the scheme or lack of trust in coaching I don't know. 

1.  Winston needs to start the rest of the season.

2.  Start looking at New D coordinators now preferably someone that is creative with blitz and prefers press coverage because our DBs stuck in zone.

3. I'm on the fence about HC. But if he stays he to left Todd keep the play calling. 

4. We should go after a shutdown corner in FA. 

5. Fire the K ASAP! He's cost us three games if we loose this one


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Koetter’s fate is sealed. He is burnt toast . He fields a talented team that piles up the yards on offense, but is undisciplined, turns it over too much and sucks in the red zone. Defense played better today but still really suck.

I hate to say this, but a Jim Harbaugh type to provide the enema and the energy is imperative. 

As for Winston - play him. Fitz was just good enough for all those yards and three points. 

Bad coaching, bad execution, turnovers, limited physicality. 


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