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Same old Same Old

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45 minutes ago, Pass the Fentanyl said:

I wouldn't bring in Arians and haven't heard anything about Brooks. I'm not sure what Brooks would do to be honest.

Yeah, me either......it's going to take a president of football operations, someone to buy the team from the Glazers, and a miracle football coach to turn this craptastic organization around.

Maybe there's room on the Tennessee Oilers bandwagon.....they took out the Bradiots today.

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No matter how well received, whatever they do will be wrong.

In fact, they announced the team will wear white jerseys with pooter pants for today's game. Damn, sure it's the wrong color combo or the socks issued will have some defect that causes players discomfort causing a few key missed tackles or bad timing on WR's routes. 

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