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Moments of Tragedy

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So,,, I'm listening to some @ MCListenUp  jackass on 620 a couple of minutes ago babbling about how now is when the team needs it's fans, in these "moments of tragedy".. I'm paraphrasing.. And I'm laughing my ass off! ?

"Moments of Tragedy"?


We're Buccaneer fans mutherphuker!


Where have you been since 1976??     Moments? 

Google the losingest franchise in professional sports history! How about 2 moments of excellence surrounded by eras of dog shit! Which include you dropping the fuck out of a bunch of footballs @MCListenUp

"Moments of Tragedy? " Where do they get these asinine talking heads :facepalm

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Moments of tragedy... that is just wrong on so many levels.

First, the Buccaneers losing is not a tragedy. No football team losing is a tragedy.

Second, as Axe said... this is a normal state for the Buccaneers. The Buccaneers are SNAFU most seasons.

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