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Joe Dirt looks like dirt so far. 

Ryan Smith shouldn’t be on this team come September. He sucks.

Mike Smith seems to be calling for the DBs to back pedal 50 yards still.

Chris Conte looks to be in mid season form whiffing in tackles.

Peyton Barber looks like he should be the starting RB week 1.

Fitz looks sharp.

Winston looked decent behind a patch work line.

Mike Evans shouldn’t play another snap in the preseason, he’s good.

The starting online looked very good. Smith’s block on the TD run was nice.

JPP is still a beast.

Curry looked good and help cause pressure for McCoys sack.

Both Stewart and Davis looked very good at CB.

Noah Spence had a couple nice rushes and just missed a sack.

Will Clark look good as well. 

Holy shit FOUR DEs that look good??


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