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John Lynch's HOF Chances

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I don't think he should or will get in. But if he does, he may be waiting for awhile.

Dawkins, the great former

 Philadelphia Eaglessafety, had the edge over Lynch, the great former Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety.

Reed's eligibility as a first-time safety candidate in 2019 figures to replicate the dynamic for Lynch next year. Voters sometimes talk about picking the best five players regardless of position, but when little separates candidates in voters' minds, there can be a tendency for individual voters to pick one player from a position group.

Finalists tend to earn enshrinement eventually. Lynch will continue to have elite company among safeties on future ballots with Reed eligible in 2019, Troy Polamalu eligible in 2020 and Charles Woodson eligible in 2021.


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Lynch being a GM will keep his name out there to possibly survive not getting in over any of Reed, Polamalu or Woodson. The comparison on social media was Lynch to Brian Dawkins which I thought was not fair to Dawkins who was a better player in my view. The player, also not in the HOF, who I think Lynch is comparable to is Steve Atwater. I think Lynch may end up getting in via whatever committee elected Robert Brazile. I have no problem with Brazile who was a tremendous player. That committee is supposed to be more for the overlooked player which Brazile certainly was. Lynch should not fit into this category because he's anything but forgotten or out of the spotlight. However I think he'll get in with this committee.

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