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Greg Schiano's reputation

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That he worked directly with the guy at the crime scene for six years? He failed to notice the procession of half-naked kids limping out of the building?


Give me a fucking break.


Dude -- do you really think that's how it went down? A pedophile doesn't get away with their activity for that long without being at least somewhat discrete. 

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this is the approach I hear from my girlfriends Dad. He was a college quarterback in the 70's and a pretty good one. While undrafted,he might have had a shot to make a team, but he partied more than he practiced.


He refuses to allow NFL football to be on in his house, Most racist bastard I know.


He came over one Sunday and I was watching pre-game and some black player was being interviewed, don't remember who, but it was a squeaky clean star. His comment was "This guy just wants to get the interview over so he can go off and rape a white girl before the game." When I responded with "You can't be serious" he came back with "All those ni**ers do, they've been raping white girls and getting away with it because they're football stars. Never in history has a white man ever raped a black girl."


The shit I put up with. :facepalm


And yeah, he's five years younger than me.


Although the saving grace is he has a tendency to degrade those "who never played the game." She told me he told her she wouldn't understand because she "never strapped on the pads."


If he says that to me, I'll borrow JeffT's famous line "Hope you read the directions "sticky side out"

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You really are clueless on this.

Would you believe someone who worked with Matt Lauer on The Today Show for six years if he said he was completely unaware that Lauer had ever engaged in any inappropriate behavior whatsoever? Or would you suspect that was probably CYA bullshit? People aren’t stupid. People who work together get to know each other. They notice things that are odd or out of place. And then they talk, ask questions, and share information with other coworkers. This wasn’t some secret double-life Sandusky was engaged in. He was bringing these kids on campus, and into the building, to assault and rape them.


An expert asked by Penn State's liability insurance provider to assess when key university officials should have had known about child sex-assault allegations involving Jerry Sandusky has identified six different cases dating to 1976.


Risk management expert Raymond Williams said those cases involved three incidents that were reportedly witnessed by other assistant coaches on the Penn State staff at the time, and three others that were reported to university officials.


It is worth noting that only two of the cases, to date, have been tested in court and resulted in criminal convictions against Sandusky, though all six did result in settlement payments by the university.


The eyewitness cases at the time involved the 2001 incident witnessed by then-graduate assistant Michael McQueary.


But they also covered:


Improper sexual contact between Sandusky and a minor in 1987 that was witnessed by then-assistant coach Joe Sarra. Sarra died in July 2012.


Improper sexual contact between Sandusky and a child in 1988 that was witnessed by then-assistant coach Kevin O'Dea. O'Dea last coached as the special team coach for the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


Williams also identified three cases where significant reports were made, including:


A 1976 incident where an alleged victim made a report to then-head football coach Joe Paterno.


A report by an alleged victim that was referred to then-Penn State Athletic Director Jim Tarman in 1988.


The 1998 report that the mother of a boy filed with Penn State's university police department, was investigated, and later dropped with no charges filed by the Centre County district attorney's office. Like the 2001 incident, Sandusky's criminal case had previously established that this incident was known to several of Penn State's highest-ranking administrators.



Multiple assistant coaches knew and shared their concerns about Sandusky’s behavior with Paterno.


One man, dubbed John Doe 150, alleged that Paterno dismissed his report of molestation by Sandusky in 1976, saying, "I have a football season to worry about," court documents show. And in the 1980s, assistant coaches reportedly shared their concerns about Sandusky with Penn State officials, the settlements revealed.

Further, emails released in 2012 as part of Penn State's internal investigation led by former FBI Director Louis Freeh show Paterno was mentioned as part of email discussions in 1998 involving a similar allegation against Sandusky. That case, in which a 10-year-old boy said Sandusky gave him a naked hug in a shower, became part of the indictment against the assistant coach.

"I have touched base with Coach," Ex-Penn State Athletic Director Tim Curley wrote in an email in 1998 regarding the claim against Sandusky.

Curley testified this spring that he had a conversation in 1998 with Paterno about that allegation. Curley, who pleaded guilty to misdemeanor child endangerment related to Sandusky's crimes, testified for the prosecution in the trial of ex-Penn State President Graham Spanier.

Paterno was never asked about the emails related to the 1998 case because they were made public after his death. His family initially slammed Freeh's report as "factually wrong," though this summer they dropped their lawsuit against the NCAA over actions the organization took based on Freeh's findings. The estate asked that the matter be "discontinued with prejudice," meaning it can't be refiled.

"Our goal has always been to uncover and make transparent the full truth," Sue Paterno said in a statement. "We have done all we can in this litigation to achieve that end and the furtherance of it beyond this point will not yield anything new, which is why I have decided to end my litigation with the NCAA."



The President, Vice-President, and Athletic Director all knew. They were just sentenced for knowing and not reporting it to law enforcement. It’s clear that Paterno knew.


Penn State's former president and two other ex-administrators were sentenced Friday to at least two months in jail for failing to report a child sexual abuse allegation against Jerry Sandusky a decade before his arrest engulfed the university in scandal and brought down football coach Joe Paterno.


''They ignored the opportunity to put an end to his crimes when they had a chance to do so,'' Judge John Boccabella said as he lambasted the three defendants and the Hall of Fame coach over a delay that prosecutors say enabled Sandusky to molest four more boys.


Boccabella said he was ''appalled that the common sense to make a phone call did not occur,'' a transgression that ''sort of robs my faith of who we are as adults and where we are going.''


Former President Graham Spanier, 68, was sentenced to four to 12 months, with the first two in jail and the rest under house arrest. He was convicted of child endangerment.


Former athletic director Tim Curley, 63, received a sentence of seven to 23 months, with three in jail. Former vice president Gary Schultz, 67, was given six to 23 months, with two months behind bars. They pleaded guilty to child endangerment.



Paterno knew. The President, Vice-President, and Athletic Director knew. Multiple assistant coaches knew and had taken their concerns to Paterno. These people were all discussing it. But Greg Schiano, who worked under Sandusky for six years, had never seen or heard anything, either firsthand or from someone else in the building, that even hinted there may be a problem. That strikes me as complete bullshit folks. I simply don’t buy it.

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Dude -- do you really think that's how it went down? A pedophile doesn't get away with their activity for that long without being at least somewhat discrete.

Sandusky didn’t do a great job of being discrete. Bringing the kids into his workplace to rape them isn’t a great example of discretion. But he was the Defensive Coordinator for a national powerhouse. And no one at the university seemed to give a shit. THAT’S why it went on for so long.

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2 hours ago, BucForce said:

Lots of rumors out there this morning that Schiano may be replacing Matt Patricia as Patriots DC...

Meanwhile the Lions are getting a guy as their head coach whose defense got roasted much of the year, who is supposed to be a defensive expert. 

I wonder how long Schiano can stay on his hands and knees under Belicheat’s desk? I wonder if he can breathe through his nose while his mouth is full?

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