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If the Bucs finish the season at 6-10 or 7-9, then maybe the Glazers show some restraint. Have Koetter give up the play calling. Find a new defensive coordinator and offensive line coach. Get Winston healthy. Go from there.


But, if this season completely goes off the rails, and based on the remaining schedule that is certainly possible, then nothing would surprise me.


My preference is to give Koetter more time. But we're talking about the game guys that hired Raheem Morris because he was the second coming of Mike Tomlin, and hired Schiano and Lovie. There's no telling what they'll do next.

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So Gruden wins with Koetter's team?

More like everyone loses with the Glazer’s team.


I was a Gruden guy and pissed when they decided to fire him. But bringing him back seems like a terrible idea.


Give Kotter another season to get shit straight here.


Licht is the one who needs a talking to.

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I just don't get the stubborn "give Koetter another year" idea.


He was hired on the strength of his offense, and his offense is inconsistent at best and flat out terrible at times.


Things were looking solid and promising at the end of last season, and this season it pretty much looks like a dumpster fire.  Again, if he manages to figure out how to straighten the keel and turn the team around in the back half, I'm fine with another season - but less than 7 wins is a pretty terrible step back after the off-season pieces were added.


Plenty of coaches were let go after two seasons and it ended up being a good thing.  Sure, plenty of coaches were let go after two season and it ended up being a bad thing, but the length of time you hold on to the head coach certainly doesn't spell success or failure. 

If that premise were true, I must have missed all those Lombardis and playoff wins Marvin Lewis scored.

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