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Bucs Hard Knocks Team

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A better question may be: Have there been, or how many playoff bound teams were distracted enough to fuck up their season? And how would that be proven?


I've never watched it (pretty much like most games and halftime shows) but probably will want to this time and If the Bucs continue to improve we'll have nothing to bitch about.


Of course if they don't, we're Buc fans. It's not like we don't know how to take a blow and deal with discouragement, setbacks, or crushing defeats.


That's right, there's always drugs, alcohol, and bitter sarcasm masked as humor.

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Funny how most of you, didn't like Hard Cocks until now.




I've always loved it and you won't find anything to the contrary from me on here!


But as a Rams fan...I get it! I understand your pain! Watching your team just absolutely shit it up on Hard Knocks( all that love for Goff...who is absolutely garbage and a waste of #1 overall pick...and then some for what they gave up to get him!). I get it! To watch the beginning of the end of the the most average coach in NFL history! I get it! To watch a franchise move back home after such a long time away...and just absolutely suck! I get it!


Tampa will be fun to watch...and Hard Knocks needs this to be successful or else I think they're done!

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