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You have to slow it down to slo mo to see it. Plus Montreal gained possession of the puck after that and gave it back up for the winning goal and we score like 12 seconds after the alleged offsides. Stop whining Montreal. Everyone in the NHL saw that we had to score twice in the overtimes to even have a chance to win in Montreal. Price puts the puck in his own net on the 1st Kucherov goal in OT and it doesn't even get reviewed. Should have been a shutout 1-0 anyways without another Ben Bishop softie (he played a great game besides that one).

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Prust who took the cheap at Bishop that provoked a fight claims a ref called him a mother and every name in the book when he was in the penalty box.




Trash talk: Prust could get fined for comments he made after the game, saying referee Brad Watson verbally abused him in the penalty box.

"(Watson) kept provoking me," Prust said. "He came to the box and called me every name in the book … said he'd drive me right out of this building."

"That's the ref he is. He tries to play God. He tries to control the game, and he did that (Sunday)."


#Habs B.Prust alleging that ref B.Watson insulted him and called him, among other things, a "mother f...". League might look into this.

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