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Sergio Garcia and the art of the tantrum....

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What I found most interesting about the Players yesterday, aside from Garcia jabbing at Tiger and then rinsing a sleeve of balls on the last two holes in a spectacular meltdown, was how he and Tiger kept their emotions under control (at least outwardly) on the course. I mean, in past years if Tiger had hooked a ball into the water while leading by 2 shots on the back nine of a prestigious tournament, he would have punished the earth with his club. And Sergio, well, I don't think a lot of people are aware of just what a douchebag that guy can be on the golf course. Here's a sampler:





Must be something about Spaniards, because Seve was a world class asshole too. Funny that Sergio would complain about Tiger distracting him, when Seve was the master at that sort of cheapshot gamesmanship.




In fairness, Olazabel always seemed like a pretty righteous dude.

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