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Offseason Blows

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5 hours ago, jspaldin said:

Why is there domestic violence videos of members of this forum being posted???

Helmet to helmet action is illegal but these dumbasses insist on continuing to do it.  Probably safety candidates. 

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So fukin dead here right now. The top topics are all OT. A guy who should suck a tailpipe fucked one. Freeman the trouser snake charmer. Horse whores.

And no one even mentioned, in a Glennon thread, that Gerald the giraffe was leading with the crown when he hit the idiot director.

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7 hours ago, Ramsforever said:

Bucsgirl is gonna give you an ass whooping!

No kids

She's like 60. You know they just look young when they stay in shape. That's why she has such a large following as a fitness model on Instagram and some nice stuff on porn sites. So I've heard.

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I've had my say in the Winston's future threads and there's some spirited back and forth there. Some offseason chatter as it was said. And as there should be.

Chatter made me think of "Charter" and this story an old Marine use to get a kick out of telling. There was a group of them waiting for a city bus when a bus pulled up at their stop. One of them went to get a good look at the front of the bus where the route was posted. He looks up there and they hear him say "Charter, Charter. Where that be?" 

Anyway the chatter, especially in the offseason, which blows, is remarkably speculative and subjective. Subjects can be debated from reasonable yet different perspectives while there are always some outlying voices. The most impassioned of subjects can sometimes break down like this.

If a tranny, Amanda, sucks off a guy and his donkey, ole Pickles, some will claim that proves the guy is gay. Others say that, using that logic, Pickles is also gay. Then there are the few that might argue that if Amanda was hot and the guy didn't know she had balls, there's no way the guy is gay. All valid arguments in themselves on the surface.

What may not have been known is Amanda was repugnant. One who opined incessantly about all things Bucs and had insisted Eric Zeire was the only legitimate NFL caliber QB the Bucs had while also trying to disguise her desire to suck the ring off the Super Bowl winning coach.

Then there are some things which can be said with certainty but can be misunderstood. Like when two old ladies were at the movies and there's this.  "Psst ...I think the guy next to me is jerking off." "What makes you think that?" "He's using my hand."

That reminds me. Is there any worse possible rejection than when your resort to jerking off, and your hand falls asleep?

Another type of misunderstanding is like when that tranny was still just a kid and said "Dad! Little Jeffy next door has a dick like a peanut." His dad, a little confused says "You mean it's shaped like a peanut?" But then hears this. "No. It's salty."

Well, there ya go Jessica. 

Related image

A couple more weeks!


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