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Offseason Blows

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Just getting in shape for when the SUPER bowl is finished. Hopefully Schiano is practicing sitting positions on Dumlidunk's forehead, to ride herd over him during the draft and free agency. And since it seems we are stuck with Sheridan, at least relate a plan to the fans on what will be done to improve the most embarrassingly poor defense in Bucs history.


And, this year marks year 5 of the 5 year plan!


Way to go, Glazertards !

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How many more weeks until training camp?



Shit, I can't count things in weeks. Too abstarct of a time measure. But I'll try.


Let's see..............TC begins in July, this is Fenruary...........


About 483 weeks by my calculations. Plenty of time to dig up more videos and rehash old Peg in St Pete and Jesse Fucks Himself threads.


Might need our master of relativity to double check my work.

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