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Am I the only one to have Alfred Morris on their fantasy footbal team?

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Morris has an incredible luck with injuries of other people giving him opportunities.


At FAU, he was chosen as a fullback. Injuries to the two starting halfbacks gave him his running opportunities.


He was the best player on a very bad 1-11 team that had bad QBs, poor OL and no defense. He was destined to be an undrafted free agent at best. Then an injury to a Clemson player gets him an invitation to the North South game where Shanahan is the coach of his team.


An incredible stroke of luck that he ends up with a coach who does not freak out at 4.64 and 4.67 times in the 40 yard dash. Shanahan not only is smitten but drafts Morris with the second pick of the 6th round when no scouting service had him as anything other than an undrafted free agent.


Then the Redskins 3 experienced running backs get dinged up in minicamps leaving Morris as the only healthy running back in preseason. He trucks Lance Briggs on his first carry in the game against the Bears and runs over a 100 yards in a preseason game against the Colts first stringers. I knew Shanahan wanted Morris to start when he benched him and RG3 against the Bucs in the final preseason game. Still it is incredible trifecta of luck for Morris to keep advancing every time another player gets hurt.

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That is correct. Yet Morris needed a Clemson player to get hurt to get invited to the game where he caught Mike Shanahan's attention. Then Hightower, Helu, Royster all get injured (Hightower was cut at the end of preseason even though he went into camp as the number 1 RB) which leads Morris to get reps with the first string OL. Typically the Mr. August RB piles up his stats against the future taxicab drivers and slurpee assistants at 7-11.


Instead Morris put up his stats against opponents first string DL with reps running the ball with the first OL. That is not a normal situation for a 6th round rookie draft choice from a 1-11 FAU team. When he was drafted, I was just hoping he would make the 53 man roster where most likely he would be an inactive player or play on special teams. The last thing I expected (which became clear to me after the Colts preseason game) is that he would be the bell cow running back. It is an amazing story.

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