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So, my bracket's getting crushed and I'm getting crushed at work this week and have seen about 0.00001% as much of this tourney as I normally do. Sucks getting old and finally being responsible enough that I can't sneak out the last two days of the week, or even SAT & SUN in time to catch every game.


Here's a couple observations, nonetheless...



1) Biggest snub: Why is nobody talking about the Clemson thing? Play till after midnight on TUE in DAYTON because UTSA v. UALR goes to OT and then play again at noon on THU in TAMPA just because CBS wanted a single game at noon on SAT for Kentucky and it's guaranteed TV ratings??? Granted, Clemson should never lose to West Virginia, but for fucksake! That's some horseshit scheduling just so CBS can make a dime.


2) Best game I've seen so far: Wisconsin v. K-State. The Wisconsin kids look AND play exactly like you think Wisconsin kids should look & play, right down to a gerry-curled redhead burrying the three. Frank Martin reminds me of Bobby Huggins and his style of ball is similar, but man, the guy can coach....or at least recruit. God bless Jacob Pullen. That kid is the most conscienceless kid I've ever seen play the game. And he stuck around for four years.


3) Best player I've seen so far: Jimmer is everything they said he'd be. Sent Duke-West packing in a 2nd round blowout after "struggling" with Wofford.


4) Best commentary: Barkley with "Itsy Bitsy East" and Kenny with "Big Least" while Pitino sits next to them and isn't even bowing up? Where's the pride, Coach?


5) Best attempt at marketing: Calling the games that decide the Sweet 16 the "3rd round". Nice try with your "First Four" CBS/NCAA, but nobody gives a shit about Tuesday and it just makes brackets more complicated.


6) This year's Butler: Butler.


7) Best math riddle: They came with 11 and after tomorrow they'll be down to no less than 2 and no more than 3. Unfortunately, 2 of the 3 eliminated 2 of the 11. Who are they?

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