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  1. Brosef... When Lavonte is done with these boys they'll wish they were in a state school. I'd give Melvin 14 carries for 12 yards and 12 targets with 9 catches, 59 yards. That's the whole of their offense aside from Fant, who'll go for something like 87 on 7 catches (10 targets, if you're asking). This thing won't be funny. Brady is going prison sex on these wankers and Evans and Godwin are going for at least a TD apiece with Fournette wrapping up the starting job in the 2nd quarter, as if he hasn't already. This thing is going to be ugly and the only folks suffering from altitude sickness are RoJo fans.
  2. Admit it, you had that queued up and punched it as soon as dude yelled, GOOOOAAALLLL!!!!
  3. I thought it was pretty awesome, if it helps. Woitched the whole thing.
  4. LOL, I wondered for weeks WTF this thread was about, and avoided coming into it for the sake of letting it die. Now, I see, it's just some T nonsense worrying over a cardiac by the coich. Couldn't happen, right? Right?? RRiGht!!! I agree with Boat on the, "if you can survive Jamiss, you can survive anything," but then I hear BA going off on Brady after Week 1 and Gronk after Week 2. As a BA and Bucfucker fan, I know that's just BA being BA. But as a waning liberal, I gotta worry about Gronk's feelings, and whatnot. Maybe he realized he's really just the Bizarro to Cam Brate's Superman. Maybe he's realized that Superman had the most arch enemies of all the Superfriends, but I digress.... Gronk, it's okay to (just be) be a BLOCKER!!! Puke and rally, bro. Puke and rally.
  5. I don't watch. I'm out of areola.
  6. Wirfs was supposed to be the weak link. Turns out it's Dipshit Dung Smith. Shocker!!
  7. Winfield is stupid ridiculous crazy good. I'm really trying not to get too excited and elevate him over DJax or even Dwight Smith, but man that guy is good.
  8. I'm a Bowles fan, but he's more of a brute force attack guy than a special, timely, play caller like a Dick Lebeau. He's way better than a Greg Schiano, who could take away one phase of the game but couldn't put a full package on the field, so in all, pretty fukkin good. The old horses you're talking about are guys like Suh. I'm no fan and that's no secret, He could've been the kind of guy TFree has been slurping for years if he wasn't lazy and hadn't gotten sidetracked by his cult of me in the middle years of his career. Clearly a special athlete, early, and still is. He had 2 sacks by inverting the pocket today, but his best play was the track down on CMc on the 3rd down. That's a stupid athletic play he's always been capable of but hasn't always made because he takes plays and weeks off. He took a paycut to be here and that may be admirable if he keeps trying hard. On the other end, you've got guys like Vea who are closing in on being dominant, and Gholston who's always given a shit but never been able to benefit from the OL having anyone else to block. Don't even get me started on Lavonte. I don't even like my kids as well as that guy. So yeah, this thing is going up and by the end, if Tom can just sustain drives and score 20, we'll be good. Fortunately, TB12 appears to be a driven chap and we may be able to feast.
  9. If ever there was a dude living in mom's basement...
  10. Post the epic Hammerhead meltdown T. We haven't seen that beast in a while.
  11. Holy fuck. A win brings Craig out? It's a new era.
  12. No shit bro. He rolled in here thinking he could just roll up on whatever park or house he wanted and NOT be beholding to the rich Buc QB history. He's hardly on the level of the Condor, but the fuckin Glazers are not only letting him abuse society, but they are now letting Brett Favors roll around in a Bucco Bruce t-shirt like he wasn't Trent Dilfer's bitch for years and like Warren Sapp didn't skull fuck him over and over in the 90s.
  13. Love the fact that I'm excited about what is about to happen when the defense gets on the field. Been a long time since you could say that. Concur on Gronk being little more than a skinny OT. I'd like to see more of Brate. I told my buddy last week that Fournette would be the starter by halftime. Took an extra 4 quarters but there you go. I'm not a Rojo fan by any stretch, but he's had some nice plays, I'll admit. He's gonna be well suited to the backup role. Nothing wrong with keeping him a pseudo starter and letting Fournette lean on defenses late just like today. Panties were broke.
  14. I love how all the local media thinks Smith is a a good piece of this line. Dude's the sucking chest wound that nobody sees, apparently.
  15. I love Evans, but sometimes it seems like he thinks he's entitled to a call rather than just beasting the guy on the other end. He's perfectly capable of beasting whoever the F he wants to, but sometimes, he just doesn't seem like he's working like he oughtta be. I'm not about to say something as stupid as, "Get rid of that turd", but dude's gotta just get it done sometimes and he's not always quite where he ought to be on the mental side of the game. He's clearly one of the best in the game, and no doubt better than his draft peer OBJ, but I'd like to see a little bit of Deandre Hopkins infest his soul. There's no reason that guy should be the best WR in the NFL, but he is exactly that because he's got alot of Steve Smith in him with way more natural talent and dude catches the ball like he has velcro for hands.
  16. I'm not sure who fucked up on that one. Edwards, or Mickens, either way, looks like a typical Buc game. I love that dude. He literally owned at least two different drives that game. What a fantastic player and seems like a pretty fantastic person. Good for him to get that kind of exposure. Let's hope he keeps getting on TV, because he's WAY overdue on being an every year participant in the Pop Bowl.
  17. I've got a buddy who is a Bears fan and texted him halfway through that he got Jekyll and Hyde today. That last throw and catch to Miller was pretty excellent, however.
  18. I think we've run out of large birds to name Josh Rosen except for the flightless variety. He could be the Emu, but that's so overdone right now. We'll need to see him play to really know which bird moniker he should carry, but right now, he's just a canary.
  19. Double dose of pimping. " You see, a pimp's love is very different from that of a square."
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