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  1. I love how all the local media thinks Smith is a a good piece of this line. Dude's the sucking chest wound that nobody sees, apparently.
  2. I love Evans, but sometimes it seems like he thinks he's entitled to a call rather than just beasting the guy on the other end. He's perfectly capable of beasting whoever the F he wants to, but sometimes, he just doesn't seem like he's working like he oughtta be. I'm not about to say something as stupid as, "Get rid of that turd", but dude's gotta just get it done sometimes and he's not always quite where he ought to be on the mental side of the game. He's clearly one of the best in the game, and no doubt better than his draft peer OBJ, but I'd like to see a little bit of Deandre Hopkins infest his soul. There's no reason that guy should be the best WR in the NFL, but he is exactly that because he's got alot of Steve Smith in him with way more natural talent and dude catches the ball like he has velcro for hands.
  3. I'm not sure who fucked up on that one. Edwards, or Mickens, either way, looks like a typical Buc game. I love that dude. He literally owned at least two different drives that game. What a fantastic player and seems like a pretty fantastic person. Good for him to get that kind of exposure. Let's hope he keeps getting on TV, because he's WAY overdue on being an every year participant in the Pop Bowl.
  4. I've got a buddy who is a Bears fan and texted him halfway through that he got Jekyll and Hyde today. That last throw and catch to Miller was pretty excellent, however.
  5. I think we've run out of large birds to name Josh Rosen except for the flightless variety. He could be the Emu, but that's so overdone right now. We'll need to see him play to really know which bird moniker he should carry, but right now, he's just a canary.
  6. Double dose of pimping. " You see, a pimp's love is very different from that of a square."
  7. Alright, I guess that's some Jodon's fantasy roster, but.... SEVEN frickin receivers, really? I mean the 5th WR on most rosters is the most useless dude on the team, but SEVEN??? Which one of these guys is a Gunner the caliber of Russell Shepard or a returner who can be mentioned in the same paragraph as Michael "Santa Maria" Spurlock (Linkage) or Karl "The Truth" (Linkage)? Just give me a guy who shows up with a helmet and jock strap every week like Eric Page or Bernard Reedy. We don't need the next incarnation of Donteea Dye or Dexter "Squeal" Jackson (NOT this guy, dipshit Gruden's guy). Anyway, there's some good and evil there. Jack Cichy making it is awesome. Ryan Smith, however, not a lot of good things to say. The safeties are beast even though Evans is still a no show. I hear Nick Folk is available. Let's bring him in and get rid of Succit. We legit have a kicker on the practice squad. I get that we have 16 spots now, but that's an Aguayo.
  8. Well, good lord man, why would you ever go to Outback? Just stay home and spend 10 minutes with your Webber.
  9. Geebus this position hurts my head. How many years, how many draft picks? All get the yips as soon as they walk through the door. For chrissake, just cut em all and go for 2 every time. I have more confidence in the long snatcher than these fuckups. The Matt Bryant curse is a a bitch. Cosign !!11!!!11!?
  10. Agree with GSS, the Shipley cut is a shell game.
  11. Bro. That may be true, but the top two are the best receiver tandem in the league...not even close. Wasn't close last season, is no different this season. Then, let's say one goes down and you have to go to a 2WR, 2TE set every down? That means you still have Godwin/Evans + some dude + Gronk and your choice of Howard/Brate depending on the play? Name a coach who'd choose his current starting lineup over that selection. This is a fantasy roster.
  12. Whoa whoa whoa. Who authorized this post. I have it on good authority that the Buzzard is more accurate than Josh Freeman. That should earn him a spot...working for a consulting firm in Lincoln.
  13. By structural changes you mean devastating damage. Like COPD in a 22 year old. This thing pretty much effects any vulnerable organ (meaning the ones you can't easily cut out and those that have transplant lists that go on for years) based on what I'm told by friends. Friends who I trust who work for once prominent health institutions like CDC and NIH. I know they now diverge with Trumpkin narrative that the world is rosy and the economy is on the upswing. This thing is fucking us up and the bad news is my kids will live with it forever. There may be a vaccine, but it will be downrange, maybe years in the making (ALL of the drugs in trial now were developed against the mod 1 Mach 1 strain before mutations started), and only partly effective. Even if it is effective, we live in a time of silliness and stupidity that will either dismiss it as a Pinky and the Brain plot to take over the world or some Bill Gates mark of the beast microchip bullshit. Good to see you tfree. You've mellowed some from what I can tell. Stay smart and healthy.
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