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  1. The only potentially redeeming quality of Arians being here is that when the "quarterback whisperer" tells ownership #3 is a boob, they may believe him. The only bad thing in all of that, is it means that the only logical decision is to shitcan the GM when you shitcan the problem. That's probably a bridge too far and they'll make the wrong decision.
  2. Funny thing is, neither of those were holds. He was just blocking. Still, it's about par for this course. The more tragic moment during the telecast, was when Ronde pointed out that we paid that fat ass Donovan Smith in lieu of Kwon. Maybe a good thing we didn't pay Kwon after the "eyes up, heads up" play that got him kicked out, but then there's the Donovan decision that tells us Licht is tackling with the crown, too.
  3. I have been getting a kick out of the chubby blonde chick on the Thursday night promo telling us we won't be eating any Ws next week. For a Punter fan, that's a witty!
  4. Must've paid dude pretty handsomely to come here vice going to the Bears, who probably had the best defense end to end in the NFL this season. That's a lot of great personnel to pass up to come to ....
  5. Good hire. Splendid hire considering that this isn't that great of an option for a coich looking to succeed. They're right on the verge of needing a MAGAton of explosives to blow it up and cap space that's about as ideal as a brillo pad hand job. Still, he'd have been my first choice of the existing market. Love the Bowles inclusion. That dude did good things with crap lineups several times over and he'll have to rebuild the whole back-end of this defense next season. He's a former safety and made his early living coaching DBs. He may actually be able to exceed Schiano with this personnel set. Unfortunately, keeping Jamiss means the defense absorbs the salary cap brillo pad hand job issue. Clod is the counterpoint, obviously, since he comes back and we have to build a wall around our already inconsistent, incapable, QB. We'll find out all we need to know about that in the 1st quarter of the first game next season because the last guy you want tossing the rock in a "no risk it, no biscuit" scheme is the schmuck Licht calls our QB. If Clod and Arians and... Leftwich makes his way back to disaster. I'm not convinced that is a bad thing, but we know exactly zero about that since his career highlight as a coach is taking over for the guy who got fired ahead of him and then getting fired himself, largely because his rookie quarterback didn't progress. Goodwin is a win if only because it means that War-fucking-hop is vanquished. The real win in all of this is that, given the fact that Licht has uber-fucked the personnel on this team, and tantalized everyone into thinking it was a good idea, we're going to take it in the shorts on defense yet again. That doesn't sound like good news, but it's the truth. Unless Licht's even dumber than I give him credit for, he'll have to draft an OT, an OG, an RB, 3-24 CBs, a S for good measure, a LB or three, in that order. Again, doesn't sound like good news, especially considering we have one of the top 10 DTs in the league leaving to fit Jameis's option year, but Todd Bowles is apparently on board. If we're lucky, he's figured out that he's a career coordinator vice head coach. If we're not, at least he can get us tracking toward managing shitty personnel for a year or so and we can get out of the trend of 25+ finishes we endured under the HEAD.
  6. You guys expect way too much from defensive tackles.
  7. Well that worked out. Houdini was awesome today.
  8. Trade the defense (whole fuckin thing) for Khalil Mack and get that guy that Jesse compared McCaffrey to a couple years ago...San Diego has been or some such. He must be fuckin awesome because McCaffrey is all world.
  9. Look, so let's assume that everything goes smashingly and they win the world with the draft. There's still three problems with that model. 1) Gruden doesn't like players under the age of 30. 2) They won't be able to afford the salaries of 3 first rounders, all as awesome as they can be, four years hence. 3) Gurgle doesn't like players under the age of 30.
  10. I've thought the staff has dropped a few hints to that effect.
  11. C'mon Steve, don't tell me that! Free agent prize Evan Dookie-Smith is out! He was a pro bowl acquisition by the pop-star. Fuckened!
  12. I would agree with that assessment. He's showed up at times I didn't expect and has lined up plenty at DT this season. Even playing loudly, however, Gholston isn't a starter quality NFL DL. Back to the OT, Spence is a mystery. Dude looked like he had some game, broke a wing and now he can't beat the scout team tackle. I gotta wonder what's going on off the field with that kid. He wasn't exactly a stellar example of decision making coming in. Concur with T, that he isn't back next year. Hell, I'd even raise you a cut and say he isn't on the team when the season ends.
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