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  1. Any question of whether COVID will prevent the NFL from having a 2020 season was immediately answered the very second Brady signed. Unfortunately, it was a 2 year contract, so we'll be Madden only until at least 2022.
  2. Best draft meme I saw about Draft Day 1 went something like.... "If I wanted to spend 3 hours watching 32 picks, I'd have just watched a Jameis Winston game."
  3. You mean Cody Grimm.
  4. I been out the loop for a bit because of that dickhead they used to call QB, but this I learned tonight. All that speculation about Mike Evans being expendable can go suck a wang. Here's Lichtme's own kid in a jersey.
  5. Yeah that's the kid.
  6. I mean the guy with the funny name who went to the trade school in Foxboro.
  7. Not sure about the Vandy kid, but our 4th round pick is starting to grow on me.
  8. There's a lot of backs that could help this team. Even the dude from BC who weighs in at 250+. Be nice to see them sniff those panties in the 2nd round with the Wisconsin kid.... Or, well.... Anybody, since we haven't had a legit back since Pittman Sr. departed.
  9. Back at you douchebag! DC is lovely. Laughs all around. Nobody gets iniwhere during COVID. But, if the Wild Wings in Cypress is still in business a year from now, I'll buy you an Xmas beer.
  10. Happy enough to trade up a spot to get him. Lynch may have worked us over there on rumor and myth. That would (not) be a first for Licht. Whatever. Dude's a beast. And now he plays for Tom Brady. OJ wouldn't have garnered a 4th in last year's draft. Best you can hope for in that guy is a 7th. Bottom line is, 34 catches a year is a great backup TE, blocking ability aside. Which it mostly is in today's NFL.
  11. Thought this was pretty fun. Tom Brady's great week gets better as Buccaneers take OT Tristan Wirfs in NFL draft first roundhttps://sports.yahoo.com/tom-bradys-great-week-gets-better-as-buccaneers-take-ot-tristan-wirfs-in-nfl-draft-first-round-025222157.html Hey fellas. We're fuckened with this new version of the crab snatcher at QB.
  12. The only potentially redeeming quality of Arians being here is that when the "quarterback whisperer" tells ownership #3 is a boob, they may believe him. The only bad thing in all of that, is it means that the only logical decision is to shitcan the GM when you shitcan the problem. That's probably a bridge too far and they'll make the wrong decision.
  13. Funny thing is, neither of those were holds. He was just blocking. Still, it's about par for this course. The more tragic moment during the telecast, was when Ronde pointed out that we paid that fat ass Donovan Smith in lieu of Kwon. Maybe a good thing we didn't pay Kwon after the "eyes up, heads up" play that got him kicked out, but then there's the Donovan decision that tells us Licht is tackling with the crown, too.
  14. I have been getting a kick out of the chubby blonde chick on the Thursday night promo telling us we won't be eating any Ws next week. For a Punter fan, that's a witty!
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