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  1. halfabuc

    It's going to be Arians

    If the Bucs do hire Arians, I think Arians would add Chuck Pagano to his staff if Pagano doesn't get a head coaching job. Pagano could be Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator or at a minimum AHC/Defensive secondary.
  2. halfabuc

    It's going to be Arians

    If it's not Arians, Licht should be sent packing because IMO his main job was to get Arians!
  3. halfabuc

    Who Coaches the Bucs in 2019?

    Coaching carousel guesses: Bucs - Bruce Arians Jets - Mike McCarthy Cardinals - Marvin Lewis Broncos - Gary Kubiak Dolphins - Jim Caldwell Browns - Adam Gase Bengals - Erik Bienemy Packers - Mike Munchak
  4. halfabuc

    Who Coaches the Bucs in 2019?

    Licht just said Winston will be with Bucs in 2019. My guess for Head Coach is Bruce Arians. May have already been in contact with Licht. A combination of Arians as Head Coach and Todd Bowles as Defensive Coordinator would be a solid start to elevating the Bucs future.
  5. For the Bucs final pick at # 202 the pick will be Scott Quessesberry OC - UCLA or Leon Jacobs LB -Wisconsin
  6. Bucs at #114 could take Ogbonnia Okoronko ER/Armani Watts S/Tyrell Crosby T Bucs at 144 could take Kyzir White S/ Gerard Avery LB,/Jalyn Samuels RB or Nyheim Hines RB
  7. Bucs pick #63 Tyrell Crosby or, Carlton Davis or Justin Reid
  8. The Bucs will take at pick#53 OT Tyrell Crosby The Bucs will take at pick #56 CB Quenton Meeks or S Ronnie Harris
  9. Browns pick at #33 will be Harold Landry Bucs pick at #38 will be Ronald Jones
  10. #33 Browns Will Hernandez OG #34 Giants Connor Williams OT #35 Browns Darius Guice RB #36 Colts Josh Jackson CB #37 Colts Nick Chubb RB #38 Bucs Carlton Davis CB #53 Bucs Ronald Jones RB #56 Bucs Ronnie Harrison S
  11. halfabuc

    Draft Thread

    Look for the Bucs to trade #53 and #56 to the Bengals for #21 for???
  12. halfabuc

    2018 Win Prediction

    Rays won 80 last year...but with this team they'll be 10% worse...72-90. But wait, Kevin "Crash" is still the Manager so I'll predict 67-95!
  13. halfabuc

    Please don’t draft a safety at 7

    Possibly a trade down with the Bills for their #12 and #22. Bucs could take Vea/Davenport at #12 and Guice/Michel at #22 and still have #38 to go after OL(Daniels/Wynn).
  14. halfabuc

    2018 FA starts tomorrow

    Licht may have flashbacks about missing out on Hunt, Kamara and Cook last year and be concerned that Michel and N. Chubb may not be there in the 2nd.