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  1. NNUD...I like you...think you seem like a cool dude...seem to have integrity...I enjoy your presence on the board..I mean that, sincerely. let this shit with YOI die....he can be a dick and a troll...fuck him....your continued brawl with him is doing no good and truthfully it is bringing out the worst in you...hahaha...seriously, dude, i wouldn't write this to you, if i didn't think you were a solid dude that i cared about (as much as someone can on these boards).

  2. what happened to your screen name...


    have you smoked the new aroma de cuba...."mi amore" I believe

  3. I agree on the Gruden angle.....has everything Gruden would look for and has the thick skin to deal with his learning curve....fuck bradford

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