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  1. Congrats on the trade. If Arians uses Gronk right, he’ll still be an option in offensive red zone and helping to protect Brady, and with run blocking. offensively, Gronks body is beat up bad. He may feel fresh mentally, but once the season starts I wouldn’t be surprised if some old back injuries come back into play. I’d limit snaps for first 12 games
  2. Bucs gave the ball away quite a bit last year. TB doesn't throw many INTs. With so many offensive weapons around him, Bucs should be fine on offense. if ST or D can occasionally give Off a short field, even better.
  3. I agree. It's about TB getting hit, harrassed, and moved off his spot in a hurry. The less time TB has to throw, the fewer WRs/TEs that can have a chance to come free. Do y'all have decent TEs? How's the run game. I don't know anything about the Bucs.
  4. Think he will hurt/help the team? How much did he really improve offense? Enough to make TB a playoff/SB contender?
  5. yes, he is very competitive. I thought Brady had checked out early last season though. Hard to play well when one knows days are numbered with team.
  6. Everyone has an opinion. Brady didn't want to stay, and the Patriots didn't really want to keep him. So, it was a mutual decision. It will be fun seeing what TB can do to help TB....
  7. If not, Brady may not perform up to fan expectations. TB does have a fast release time, but if he's harassed, gets pummeled, and moved out of the pocket - the offense will suffer. Winston is quite a bit more mobile than Brady, altho Brady is elusive in the pocket. Plus, how are the Bucs D?
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