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  1. hugamako

    Koetter offered the Falcons OC

    I didn't float too far. I only posted ocassionally and any decent insight i had was often balanced by drunk rambling. This site was the by far the best bucs bbs going back in the day and i threw in some insight and drunken opinions. I took a break for a while and completely forgot my login password/email and all, so i've just been lurking for a while. I guess snook never returned from his latest fishing trip, and i assume some others have passed on, but it's good to see some of the old faithful are still chatting it up. I'm definitely looking forward to another hopeful offseason period of stellar drafting and signings and a season that hopefully won't be over before december the five year rebuild has somehow gone on for twelve.
  2. hugamako

    Koetter offered the Falcons OC

    Wow. I'm pretty amazed a couple of you remembered me. Thanks for the welcome back.. 😀
  3. hugamako

    Koetter offered the Falcons OC

    He lost any faith i had in him when he he took over play calling responsibilites from monken for the week, stunt up the joint, then handed them back. I hope he goes to atlanta and we get a little revenge for them letting us have mike smith.. Even though he was a year removed.
  4. I don't have much knowledge of the people in the third tier coaching positions (other than gagging a bit reminiscing on leftwich's post-college playing career), but i'd feel optimistic going into the season with arians, monken (unless he jumps at other offers) and bowles as the trinity of head coaches. If they can find a way to restructure mccoy, retain humphries, and give me a draft to be to excited about, i'll be ready to drink the kool-aid again heading into year 12 of the of the 5 year rebuild