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  1. They are beyond SUCK. Yes, the secondary couldn't cover the poor sisters of the bind, buy this oline has no football IQ. They are STUPID! Hey Oline, your mission is to block and protect the QB. Good LUCK!
  2. Seminoleboy

    What's worse, Buc's secondary or Oline?

    Good breakdown Rook. This gives me hope, so secondary should be the major focus for draft.
  3. This team needs so much and one draft can provide them what they need.
  4. Seminoleboy

    Desean Jackson...

    What a bunch of cry baby losers. They get paid millions. How about doing your fricking job?
  5. Now, who would be dumb enough to come to TB? Let's face it, our team is just beyond bad. It is bad reimagined.
  6. Seminoleboy

    Winston vs Fitz as our starter|?

    Fitzpatrick is beyond horrible. Lets see what Jameis does next year. He is definitely the future,
  7. This defense is so bad, I don't think they could stop the FSU offense.
  8. Seminoleboy

    Got the Bucs Solution

    Maybe Jamis will get his act together, if not next year, then he is gone. The coaching staff is gone, along with the GM, so we will continue to suck for some time.