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  1. MrBlaque666

    I Just Got Banned From Pud Report!

    Fuck that place, tndrcnt. Just reading their repetitive bullshit gets on my nerves. The posers there have absolutely ZERO personality.
  2. MrBlaque666

    Will Arians solve our kicking woes

    Funny. TFree and Tjax. Starting to see similarities in their takes. They both seem to have something about telling people to lick or suck other peoples balls. Coincidences? Hehehe Just kidding. But odd no?
  3. MrBlaque666

    Matt Bryant

    What bruthas Tundra and MadMac said. Sign him. Now. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. GO TO HIM AND SIGN HIM.
  4. MrBlaque666

    Schiano and Belichick

    I think Schiano played too many mind games with the players. That coupled with Dumfuckstick of a GM we had at the time, there was no way he was going to succeed.
  5. MrBlaque666

    Arians on Winston...

    Sssshhhhhh coach. You are going to be accused of slurping Winstons balls if you keep making excuses for him and look beyond his play for reasons why he maybe throwing interceptions and possible poor decision making.
  6. MrBlaque666

    Offseason Blows

    Hey man. Thanks for this video. Never saw it before and ohhhh the memories this brought up. People may bitch and moan about Sapp but my God what a beast he was.
  7. MrBlaque666

    Holy fuck?!? Really?

    The halftime show suckened like no other halftime show suckened. Oh, by the way, Fuck the Rams. It is worth it coz the Rams lost. There is always a silver lining.
  8. MrBlaque666

    OT: Football Game Today?

    I was at my dads church in Albuquerque NM during the church service watching that game in a back room at 12 years old. It was the first year that I really started getting rabid about the Bucs. I had followed them since 76 but that year I was really a rabid fan. Anyway, the Rams killed my dream. I wanted to see the Bucs win in the Super Bowl so I could tell my Cowboy loving friends to shove it up their ass. Since then, I have hated the Rams. Fuck the Rams. Especially now they are back in LA. Fuck them. Fuck them. Fuck them. And how happy I am they lost. So sick of hearing about their coach and their QB and RB and Defense. FUCK THEM. I hope they are crying in their locker room like the fucking fucks they are. I am all giddy inside. Honestly I hate the Patriots as well. But I have to give them their due. Probably a dynasty that the NFL will never see again. Anyway, fuck the Rams.
  9. MrBlaque666

    OT: Football Game Today?

    I hate the Rams. No matter the hate I have for Brady and New England, I hate the Rams. Have since the NFC Championship game where the beat the Bucs 9-0.
  10. MrBlaque666


    There have been NO CHARGES against him in regards to rape, sexual assault or anything else remotely related to "SEX". But don't let that stop you. The obsession you have with Winston is very weird and is borderline psychotic. You are a one-trick pony, T. Stop it. You don't like him so find another team to follow. Carry on. 😉
  11. MrBlaque666

    Best Patriot Fan

    lk tndr cents dck
  12. MrBlaque666

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

    dmt jss u brk anthr jlly jr glss. w3 cnt hv nythng nc. stpd ***. chg cck u stpd ll ***.
  13. MrBlaque666

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    Well don't forget about the other three assclown coaches we have had. Dicky Dirk was the best of them, but that's like saying it's better to have gonorrhea than clamydia. I mean cmon. So many people wanted Gruden gone. Well they got it. And since we have had what, two winning season? Beer drinking Jesus wept..in his beer.
  14. MrBlaque666

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    Forgot about Dumfukenednik.
  15. MrBlaque666

    Fixing the Rooney Rule

    Well, just look at the last 10 years. It's been very difficult it seems.