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  1. NFL didn't want us to win that game. No matter what attitude they showed, we were NOT going to win that game. god dammit where did i put my tin foil hat?!
  2. You forget all the bad calls we had that game? Like a late hit on Brady turned into a holding call? An off sides penalty that was actually a false start on Chicago but uncalled? Those calls changed the game.
  3. Whew. Thought you were high or mentally imbalanced or something.
  4. That hit was vicious. Clearly Bostic was head hunting after the Red Rocket slid.
  5. On the plus side for Carr, he doesn't look scared like Rodgers did last week.
  6. Honestly, I thought this game was going to be much closer. It was, but once that INT happened, it seemed that Bucs just steam rolled.
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