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  1. MrBlaque666

    What To Do With Winston?

    Jesus tap dancing Christ... Only people I really ever heard saying he needed more weapons was the coaching staff/GM. Remember we had Vjax, Evans, ASJ and Doug Martin. There were weapons. One thing that I have read and watch and have heard he needs better coaching and the other thing is, especially in here, is that he needs a OFFENSIVE LINE. Our offensive line is offensive. Regardless of the most informed in here...SMITH IS SHIT. Marpet is pretty good, then Jenson seems to wanna shoot the team in the foot with his stupid bullshit personal fouls and holds at inopportune times but is ok...not highest paid center in the NFL ok, but ok. However, the rest of the line is absolute shit. Not just in pass protection but also in run blocking. Finally our coaching. The head coach is and always has been way way over his head. I have said that, although not necessarily in here, since day one. He was a poor choice after they fired Lovie, who I though was a poor choice as well. Sure he has a great play book, but nothing ever changes. Someone earlier says Winston sucks in the second half of games. Well that's because the plays, regardless or who is calling them, are the same. Nothing is adjusted. Nothing changes in the play mix. Do the fucking math. Shit O-Line. No running game, much less a threat of one, play book that hasn't really changed to the strengths of the players. What do you get? SUCKENING pure and simple. Tree-Your obsession and constant hate of Winston is funny...in a look at-the-weird-guy-hating-on-a-football-player kinda way. You even said we should get Sam Bradford here to replace Winston. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sam fucking-cant-take-three-game-snaps-without-going-on-IR Bradford. Jesus wept, son. It stems from you not liking Winstons' character. I get it. I think the entire board does. I mean you get so jazzed about posting how much you hate Winston. One thing that I don't get about all the Winston naysayers is even when he shines he sucks. When he sucks, I say it out loud that he sucks the chrome off trailer hitches. Fucking want to shoot him right in the pussy. However there have been some decent games by him and you are silent as are most naysayers. The jury is still out on Winston. He has an uphill challenge in front of him. But if we shit can him here, he will go on and be a Super Bowl Champion somewhere else. Bank it, twink. Maybe find a new team while you are at it... Just my $0.02.... Your milage may vary very, verily I say unto you. Carry on. 😉
  2. MrBlaque666

    Fire GM and Coaching Staff

    Bucs already looking for new coach....
  3. MrBlaque666

    Bucs after a first down by Barber

    They certainly sucked out loud. Almost as loud as the Bucs.
  4. MrBlaque666

    Bucs after a first down by Barber

    I haven't lived in the US for over 10 years. I have to say the commercials these days really suck. Stupid.
  5. MrBlaque666

    Bucs after a first down by Barber

    Taste just like chicken...
  6. MrBlaque666

    Bucs after a first down by Barber

    You had to open up the can of worms....
  7. MrBlaque666

    Bucs after a first down by Barber

    Anger makes me angry.
  8. I think the OLine had a lot to do with Winston's completion rate. He was playing pretty decently during the first half. Not making excuses for him but that guy was under pressure even before he finished is drop backs half the time. But whatever, this whole team seemed to have just quit after the blocked punt.
  9. MrBlaque666

    Offseason Blows

    It started then. It will continue when Winston is shown the door with this inept and in-over-his-head head coach. Another decade of fuckening.
  10. MrBlaque666

    Dear Donovan Smith...

    Considering their play, I would say that is their primary diet.
  11. MrBlaque666

    Dear Donovan Smith...

    Fuck D. Smith and the entire fucking Line.
  12. MrBlaque666

    Dononvan Smith

    The offensive line as a whole seems to be a liability. Smith is just the worse out of a bunch of bad apples.
  13. MrBlaque666

    Brate is Great- Bucs 7 Saints 0

    I mean fuck Smith. Lol