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  1. Not defending the guy. Saying he's garbage, etc really doesn't state anything other than your overly subjective opinion. Compared to you, me, and the rest of this board, he is certainly more qualified to make statements about other QBs. Regardless of the asterisks you wish to through on his SB win, he still has one and you and the rest of this board don't. That's a fact. He played in the NFL for 14 years. That's a fact. He was hired by ESPN to commentate on games and give his opinion. That's a fact. You may not like him. Hell I certainly wasn't a fan. However, I would listen to what he says above what anyone on this board says about NFL QBs just because the guy has experience. If you don't like facts, than feel free to join the other idiots that think they know everything and spout out their opinions like it's fact. I for one will spout my options based on fact. Hint hint hint. 'nuff said. Carry the fuck on.
  2. Now that is a participation trophy that I would gladly want on my mantle.
  3. Shit, he is more a QB guru than the people on this board. Not defending the guy but that many years playing QB in the NFL and winning a Super Bowl gives the guy some insights that the rest of us lack. Sadly, some of the most informed have such illusions of grandeur and hubris that they should be a one man football team. Just saying... 'nuff said. Carry on.
  4. Yep. He could still go to the Raiders.
  5. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2871331-marcus-mariota-raiders-reportedly-agree-to-contract-in-2020-nfl-free-agency
  6. Shit if he only threw 20 we would have likely been in the playoffs.
  7. He had the tools this past year to have a winning record. His dumbass decisions destroyed any hope of a winning season. IF he is back in 2020, he has the tools to win, but I am sure he will fuck it up again.
  8. Burrows is so head and shoulders above the rest of the QB class that it isn't even worth mentioning. There is Burrows and then there is everyone else. Love and Eason both will need development time, especially Eason. Love looks tentative at times and, like Winston, holds on to the ball just a little bit too long. He has some legs to stretch plays but you don't have to be an NFL rocket scientist to notice his decision making is suspect. Neither would be upgrades. Fromm wouldn't be an upgrade. Even Hurts, who is a better QB than the Love, Eason or Fromm,, wouldn't be an upgrade. Hell, Hurts has better overall stats than them. Time has shown over and over again that over drafting on QB is not a pathway to success. Someone mentioned before and maybe a bit tongue in cheek, but the Bucs should break the bank to get Burrows. Why? He would unify the fans. He would bring a better excitement to the Bucs. God can only hope he doesn't put himself into bad situations with Uber drivers and leaves the crab legs in Publix. The boy can outright ball. He has poise. He holds his team He holds his teammates accountable on the field. There are so many upsides to Burrows that when you start trying to find something wrong, he just gets better. Of course he hasn't taken one NFL snap, but he is already better than Winston. He is already head and shoulders of any first round QB drafted in quite a long time.
  9. Hot Topic Goth Guy? Really? Me? Jesus Frozen Christ sitting on a Popsicle stick do you have the wrong guy. Mid-50's, bald, fat and retired. Definitely missed the mark there...and not clever either. Never claimed to be. But I know the Bucs and I know football. Fan since late '76 when my grandparents took me to my first Bucs game. So when TFree comes on here and wants to blow a first round pick on Love, who will be the next Daniel Fucking Jones, well makes me want to puke. Rivers is #2 behind Winston in TOs for the past 5 years and as you pointed out, not as exciting. Dalton would be a very uninspiring but maybe he could do the mentor thing. Best bet is Bridgewater. Let him have the reins for the next 3-5 years as long as he performs and stays healthy and bring up the 2 or 3rd round QB for development behind him. Maybe we draft the QB of the future next year or the year after that. Point being if we can get a solid performer at QB as a FA, we can focus our draft picks on other needs that this team has...like OT (and depth), secondary, and dare I say a kicker. Before I get crucified, the kicker thing is a joke. I know, I'm not clever.
  10. Whatever man. Have a nice rest of your day and weekend.
  11. Not worked up by it all. I never said baiting by the way so the "quotes" are not necessary. Further, I wasn't trying to "bait" everyone, but you already know that. Seemed interesting to me since we are discussing FA replacements (I know, Newton isnt a free agent yet) to see the response. Like I said, had to run with it a bit to see who else would bite. At least you stuck true to your guns. The Most Informed seem to like to go which ever the wind blows. Finally, try to be original. Carry on.
  12. Wow. So Newton is right out. It has been said a few times here anyone but Winston. No one took the bait with Newton aside from you. Had to run with it for a bit. Oh yeah, one more thing...I don't give a rats ass if you take what I say "serious" or not. It is a forum about a football team. At the end of the day, your approval or acceptance of what I say means about as much to me as TFree's approval or acceptance of what I say. Carry on.
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