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  1. This sucks but they can't afford to rush him back with this type of injury. They still have plenty of weapons and should be ok as long as the blocking is better than last week.
  2. Also after he got Brady killed he almost ripped his arm out of the socket trying to "help" him up.
  3. I think they'll get it turned around quick. Brady and Arians are too smart to not get this fixed. The entire offense needs to be better. Blocking, WRs winning one on one matchups, and yes Brady needs to be better with his reads and ball placement. They will gel quickly and start putting up a lot of points soon imo as long as the blocking holds up. Smith is not very good. He's average at best. I hope Wirfs is the LT next year.
  4. He had a rough day. Was abused by several saints and had at least one costly penalty. He has to play better.
  5. Agree. I wouldn't mind Bowles taking over for BA. I think Arians has at least another year after this though.
  6. Has anyone heard an update on whether Shipley will be brought back?
  7. This offense is so loaded. I haven't seen an offense this stacked since the GSOT.
  8. They really must not like him for them to cut him on his rookie contract. I wonder if it's just his play on the field or if it's off the field stuff we don't know about.
  9. It's a very interesting move. I thought the Patriots were going to rebuild this year and just try to compete with their defense. This signals that they are still in a win now mode. If I were a Pats fan I'd probably rather see them go young at QB.
  10. I think we will have a season and the Bucs will have an excellent chance to win it all. The offense will be explosive and the defense will be top 10. I think our front 7 is one of the best in football and the secondary has a lot of young talent that should make a significant jump along with White.
  11. Loved watching tgis guy carry the rock. Bruisers like him are all but extinct in today's NFL. I miss it.
  12. Love this pick. He was one of my favorites. This guy will make a lot of plays!
  13. I like him I don’t know if I love him. He had some footwork issues in film I saw but that can be coached up. He's a physical freak Giving up a 4th seems steep but maybe they knew something.
  14. 20 minutes late then the Bengals and Skins will use up their entire clock.
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