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  1. That jersey is fugly. I'll stick to the pewter.
  2. It's a very interesting move. I thought the Patriots were going to rebuild this year and just try to compete with their defense. This signals that they are still in a win now mode. If I were a Pats fan I'd probably rather see them go young at QB.
  3. I think we will have a season and the Bucs will have an excellent chance to win it all. The offense will be explosive and the defense will be top 10. I think our front 7 is one of the best in football and the secondary has a lot of young talent that should make a significant jump along with White.
  4. Loved watching tgis guy carry the rock. Bruisers like him are all but extinct in today's NFL. I miss it.
  5. Love this pick. He was one of my favorites. This guy will make a lot of plays!
  6. I like him I don’t know if I love him. He had some footwork issues in film I saw but that can be coached up. He's a physical freak Giving up a 4th seems steep but maybe they knew something.
  7. 20 minutes late then the Bengals and Skins will use up their entire clock.
  8. I want Wills because I think he's the most pro ready. They'll have to move up to get him though.
  9. Would be awesome. With this shortened off-season the more targets you can add that have existing chemistry with Brady the better.
  10. https://mobile.twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1252693880308477952 Hell yeah. They're gonna light it up this year. OJ on the way out.
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/RapSheet/status/1252687851688472584
  12. Just watched it yesterday. It was hilarious and I learned a lot about the early years I hadn't been exposed to.
  13. I'd wager the bulk of the push was from Arians. He has always been a guy looking to upgrade his QB unless he feels he has an all time great and frankly his patience with Winston's penchant for mistakes wore thin I'm sure.
  14. I actually like that philosophy. I think once Brady leaves Arians will too so you will have probably a year of transition due to a rookie QB. I could be wrong and Arians might coach until he is 75 but I just see him riding off into the sunset with Brady and giving it his best shot for the next 2 or 3 years. Probably Bowles or Leftwich take over after that. I also really like Harold Goodwin. But yeah, be all for mortgaging the future to an extent to maximize talent around Brady as best as possible.
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