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  1. tjax03

    Offense wins Championships

    Whatever You wake up negative
  2. Jessie you are a complete idiot. Go lick arians balls while you are at it
  3. tjax03

    It's going to be Arians

    Of course Jessie would post this stupid shit
  4. How will he stop the kicker from missing kicks?
  5. tjax03

    It's going to be Arians

    So now jameis can FINALLY turn into the hall of famer he was destined to be
  6. Thats why jason lichts fat ass should hire cinsiltants to help him draft properly. if ever is the time to do it is now.
  7. tjax03

    The Taste Of Losing

    Now the truth comes out.
  8. Like i said. Fitz does nothing for this team. We are out of the playoffs and the season is done. put jameis back in and let him earn that contract next season
  9. tjax03

    Dante Fowler Jr

    Do you have that much of a hard on for me that you have to follow me into every thread and quote my posts? Fuckin idiot
  10. Tell that to the Colts who tanked for Luck Tell that to the Rams who tanked for Goff Tell that to the Browns who tanked for everyone. Tell that to the Bucs who tanked for Jameis Teams do tank all the time. Get Fitz' cock out of your mouth and wipe the cum off your face before you post
  11. tjax03

    Dante Fowler Jr

    Yep this is it. Licht and Koetter are lame ducks in their position. All moves have been locked by the owners.
  12. Like I said all of you in this thread are being short sighted. You are so hungry and desperate for a win that you want to sabotage the future for temporary success. If fitz wins guess what? We get a mediocre draft pick and we also miss the playoffs. You dont want to be 8-8. You want to get into the playoffs or get a high draft pick.
  13. He isnt the long term. he could win what? One, two extra games? koetter is still canned regardless. Winston was drafted to be the franchise. Stick with him until the wheels fall off. Jags and giants stick wih their guys through thick and thin. No. Matter how many ints or fumbles they cause. this was a bad move. Fitz is a short term answer to a long term problem
  14. tjax03

    Turnover machine Winston

    I love the bucs every week is an action packed circus. You get your moneys worth
  15. tjax03

    Give me Fitz....PLEASE!!!

    If fitz does make magic i think jameis is done as a buc.