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  1. Half Stupid...you've given me the title for my autobiography!
  2. Retire and become a high-demand sperm donor. That's what I did.
  3. JOEinPHX

    Sam Wyche passes away at 74

    This casts a little cloud over my day. I was a Bengals fan way back when - the moment Wyche grabbed a microphone in front of a snowball-throwing Cincinnati crowd and told them to stop because "You don't live in Cleveland. You live in Cincinnati." made him an all-time hero of mine.
  4. JOEinPHX

    Couldn't have ended better for the Bucs

    Arians said it was the worst possible way to end a season. fanof says it couldn't have ended better. Who am I supposed to believe?
  5. There's still a chance.
  6. Call me a contrarian, but I really want to see Jameis become the charter member in that 30-30 club.
  7. Lamar Jackson bought his linemen Rolexes. I guess that says something about something.
  8. JOEinPHX

    OJ Howard

    Arians never had a decent tight end out here in Arizona, and has apparently forgotten what they can do. I have to assume that he hasn't seen any 2017-2018 video of Brate in the red zone. Or of Howard on that drag route across the defense that turns up the sideline and was regularly good for 30 yards. Probably doesn't want to see anything from a prior regime. He's a stubborn fuck.
  9. JOEinPHX

    Game Day thread Bucs vs Texans

    Noticed that. Probably five times already. Eisen's kind of a fuckwit.
  10. JOEinPHX

    Game Day thread Bucs vs Texans

    Well, this is shaping up to be a Bucs classic.
  11. JOEinPHX

    Game Day thread Bucs vs Texans

    Somebody did some scouting.
  12. JOEinPHX

    Game Day thread Bucs vs Texans

    I'd call that PI. Doubt that anyone who matters will.
  13. Ed Hocsuckincheatinfuckhuli is his full legal name. Makes sense that he pared it down a bit. He used to go into home team locker rooms pregame and do pushups to make sure he was pumped for the cameras - true story.
  14. Wait, what? I'm a fuck? 7-7, with a good chance to go 9-7 is definitely improvement, and I'll happily acknowledge that. I'm still no fan of Winston for both football and non-football reasons, but I'll acknowledge that he's made strides. I'm no fan of Arians for a variety of reasons, but I'll acknowledge that he's made the team better. Todd Bowles is solid, it's impossible not to applaud the defensive improvement. I ain't no fuck. Pessimist, sure. Goes hand in hand with following the Bucs. That last line of yours was just plain nasty. Totally out of line.
  15. You're right that the down-by-contact call was dead wrong, but quick-whistle calls have been a staple in the NFL for a long time. I think there's a learning curve with the refs on stifling their whistle reflex. Also, every team benefits from/loses out on missed or bad calls over the course of a season. In the heat of the moment we all forget that those things even out.
  16. I can buy in on the missed field goal against NY, but wouldn't ever hang my hat on blown calls or missed coin flips. I'd say that three sketchy wins against the Colts, Falcons and Cardinals more than offset your three near misses. 7-7 looks about right to me. And yes, the Falcons win was by 13 points, but they were a team in total disarray at the time. Week 17 will tell a tale - feels like a toss-up right now, though I'd give the Bucs a lean.
  17. JOEinPHX

    Warning Warning Danger Danger

    That was Winstonian.
  18. Is that the same as 'asking for a friend'?
  19. Kinda like the end of the 2016 season? Final record, 9-7, one bad PI call against the Raiders away from the playoffs? Damn. This team could make a pessimist of anyone.
  20. JOEinPHX

    Panthers Fire Rivera

    Another peepee tape? I'd really like to see the other one first.
  21. I don't know. You don't know. And best of all, Sean Payton doesn't know.
  22. There's a pretty narrow metric at work in that evaluation - how often does a coach do what the analytics tell him to do? All we've really learned is that Arians goes with his gut more than most. That's a prodigious gut he has going there, but it's not really serving him well.