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  1. But wait, there's more! And a Buc is the poster-boy! Masterminds indeed. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/11/ol-masterminds-summit-features-few-masks-no-distancing/ “OL Masterminds Summit” features few masks, no distancing Posted by Mike Florio on July 11, 2020, 3:51 PM EDT Getty Images As the NFL and the NFL Players Association haggle over every detail of football in a pandemic, one key question will be whether players can and will do everything they need to do — and not do everything they shouldn’t do — from August through December (or, in the case of 12 playoffs teams, into and possibly through January). There’s plenty of reason to think that this will be a bigger challenge than previously believed. Case in point: The OL Masterminds Summit in Dallas. Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle has posted videos from the event. This one shows Saints tackle Terron Armstead (with no mask) speaking to a group of offensive lineman who are definitely not standing more than six feet apart. Several aren’t wearing masks, or their masks are pulled down. (That’s the one major design flaw of the mask. For it to properly work. It must actually, you know, cover the mouth and the nose.) If that one isn’t sufficiently alarming, here’s a video from a hot-wing eating contest at the OL Mastermind Summit, won by Buccaneers center Ryan Jensen. There are well over a dozen large men in the shot, bodies pressed together as two of them furiously consume chicken wings. One man in the background is wearing a mask. These are the men who inherently have enhanced risk of a serious outcome, given their BMI. And they’re engaging in this behavior in Dallas, one of the current hotbeds of COVID-19. At a time when football season seems to be hanging in the balance, this group of offensive linemen has just jumped onto the side of the scale that lands on “try again next year.” Thus, as the NFL and NFLPA prepare to continue their negotiations on Monday regarding the various things that need to be done before the season can proceed, the participants should consider asking themselves an important question: Why bother?
  2. And is Brady sneering at us? I just don't trust that guy.
  3. On an unrelated note, Ryan Jensen is not pretty.
  4. I'm not worried about COVID-19. I just swallowed a handful of hydroxychloroquine, washed it down with bleach, and shoved a UV lamp up my ass. I have it on good authority that these are all effective preventive measures - just can't remember if I heard it from Trump or Fauci.
  5. Who woulda thunk Brady would get off on the wrong foot (twice) and Gronk would get off on the right one?
  6. Hated him at Purdue, where he did all kinds of damage to my Buckeyes. Was very happy to see him turn pro. One of my all-time favorites after that.
  7. Two more traits not mentioned, one plus, one minus. The plus is that he's a solid receiver out of the backfield - always a good thing and something the Bucs need. The minus is that he's been deficient in pass protection from day one, and never got good (or even average) at it. Something the Bucs definitely don't need. And finally, he badly overvalues himself. Maybe he and Winston have the same agent.
  8. Our morning paper has a 'Sports on TV' listing, and there's great news. We have a plethora of exciting sports events available on television. ESPN2 has Korean baseball between the LG Twins and NC Dinos, with an encore showing if you miss the first broadcast. Then there's the UFC 249 Prelims. Nothing says 'back to normal' like a couple' roid cases trying to gouge each others eye out. And finally, the piece de resistance, the Johnsonville Cornhole Championships from Rock Hill, South Carolina. Can't wait for this one, though I personally thought the championships would be held in a more cornholing-friendly state like West Virginia. And sadly, this event is pre-recorded, so it won't have all the drama and intensity of live cornholing.
  9. You're right of course. I'm not really comfortable pretending to have intellectual capabilities, but circumstances seem to have forced it on us.
  10. To me, equating a person who willfully risks contracting or passing along a potentially fatal disease sounds like a fair comparison to 'an automatic weapons toting band of lunatics'. Keep them out of your zone? Check the statistics on people who are crossing state lines to go to a bar, restaurant or barber shop. Individual accountability hasn't been throttled in this nation. Too many years of being told that we live in the greatest nation on earth at the end of every political speech has simply made us arrogant beyond accountability. That and the absurd belief that an eternal afterlife of bliss awaits us anyhow. Meanwhile. I expect no meaningful leadership from POTUS. Certainly not on this issue. He's already demonstrated that it isn't in his repertoire.
  11. Pandemicists predict a 40-70% infection rate in the absence of effective social distancing and stay-at-home orders (which either don't exist or are in the process of being lifted), and without a vaccine or effective curative (neither of which currently exists). If you split the difference and go with 55%, that's roughly 180 million American infected. And while it's very difficult to get at reliable statistics for lethality, the CDC currently calls it at 4.3% in the US. This particular math says that 7.76 million Americans will die from COVID-19. Maybe those numbers hold up, and maybe they don't, but they beg the question: Why the fuck would anyone want to go to a damn football game? Or play in one for that matter. As a '20 or 30 year old healthy athlete', do you really want to risk carrying COVID-19 home to your wife and children? It's going to take a disaster of epic proportions for people to wise up. It always does.
  12. The non-conference opponents at home (Packers, Vikings, Chiefs, Chargers, Rams) look a lot tougher than the away opponents (Lions, Bears, Broncos, Raiders, Giants). That's gotta be a good thing - RayJay will probably rock a little louder than usual this season, assuming there are fans in the stands.
  13. And you know there were footballs in that duffel - underinflated footballs!
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