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  1. I'll watch anything that could advance Baker Mayfield's slide into bust status.
  2. Currently listed as questionable, upgraded from doubtful.
  3. Just flashed on an image of Jameis trying to convince Brees that the 'Eat a W' rant is the best way to fire up the team.
  4. Annnnndddddd.......gone! That was quick.
  5. The receiver corps looks awfully thin after Evans and Godwin. Maybe the TE strength makes up for it, but I'd like to see more at the #3 WR.
  6. Vaughn to the PS sounds like a high-risk proposition. And a million bucks is chump change - hey, look, I'm talking like a 1 percenter.
  7. LeSean McCoy and Raymond Calais on the bubble, McCoy in particular I would think. Calais, as a sixth-round rookie with a low-buck contract is potential practice squad/special teams material. McCoy not so much.
  8. Sounds like not much more than a familiarity signing. Shipley has been closing in on the end of his career for the last two seasons out here in the 115 degree desert.
  9. Call me a softie, but I always wish well to any player moving on or out of the league.* It's a hard transition. Take a guy like Vincent Jackson. He has all kinds of business interests in his post football life - he's a very busy guy - but his wife once remarked that he was lost after he retired from the NFL. It's not just a game to these guys. For most, it's life. *(with some exceptions, most notably Michael Vick and Richie Incognito)
  10. Red state blue state? I don't think so. Risk/reward is what it comes down to where revenue is involved. The points made by the attorney in the post just above this one are undeniable.
  11. Meanwhile, at a Trump motorcycle rally in Sturgis, SD.
  12. Felony domestic violence. Ray Rice seems to have ruined things for everybody.
  13. I've always enjoyed and respected your football takes. Maybe one day when the current mess is in the rearview mirror...
  14. You too, Axe. We're all on the same team here at the end of the day.
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