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  1. JOEinPHX

    Buccaneers next QB Bowl at 3:30

    If Burrow was playing this well but still at Ohio State, would everyone be saying, "Pass, OSU quarterbacks don't pan out."
  2. JOEinPHX

    So Winslow admitted to .....

    His lawyer must have told him it would help his case if he looked like Steve Mnuchin. Personally, I'd fire that lawyer.
  3. I must be dazzled by him even more than I thought.
  4. Famous philosophers got nothing on #7. “The glass is always full,” Winston said, via Greg Auman of TheAthletic.com. “Just because it might be half full of water, it's still full of air." Still, I'll take this over eating W's.
  5. JOEinPHX


    It was typical for the last Bucs staff to be in at 7AM and out between 10 and 11PM. Didn't really pay off, though. Tuesdays were a little lighter because that was the players day off. Game days, interestingly, were the shortest days of the week.
  6. JOEinPHX


    I'd agree that most NFL coaches spend an inordinate amount of time at their jobs - often well beyond what would be called efficient and into the realm of negative returns. But Arians, according to what I've heard out of both Arizona and Tampa, is dogging it. My impression is that he couldn't physically manage the effort even if he wanted to.
  7. JOEinPHX


    Word from inside OneBuc - I still have some tenuous connections - is that Arians and staff put in far fewer hours than previous regimes. That squares with some of the impetus behind his 'retirement' from the Cardinals.
  8. Naw, probably not, but I figured you guys would like this. I had opportunities to watch Nick, and even talk with him, when he was with the Hotshots. He did an outstanding job in the AAF and I have every reason to believe that he was operating on an injured leg during most of his time in Tampa. Patriots sign Nick Folk Posted by Josh Alper on October 29, 2019, 5:13 PM EDT Getty Images The Patriots released Mike Nugent on Tuesday and they’re replacing him with another former Jets kicker. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Patriots are signing Nick Folk. Folk brings a lot of experience to New England, but it has been a while since he kicked in an NFL game. He signed with the Buccaneers in 2017 and beat out Roberto Aguayo for the job, but missed three field goals in a five-point loss to the Patriots in Week Five and wound up on injured reserve a few days later. Folk last kicked for the Arizona entry in the Alliance of American Football earlier this year. In 10 years with the Jets and Cowboys, Folk made 239-of-294 field goals and 335-of-337 extra points. The Patriots did not announce that move, but did announce tight end Eric Tomlinson has been released. Tomlinson was announced as a cut last week, but the Patriots wound up putting wide receiver Josh Gordon on injured reserve instead. The roster spot could go to wide receiver N'Keal Harry, who resumed practicing with the team and is eligible to come off injured reserve this week.
  9. JOEinPHX

    If this team trades OJ Howard...

    So you're buying the team's 'injured' line? Pretty mysterious injury - looks more like keeping him fresh as trade-bait to me.
  10. JOEinPHX

    If this team trades OJ Howard...

    A Howard trade is entirely possible - I'll post a PFT article on the subject below. And it could make a lot of sense. The whole 'Weapons for Winston' mantra from two years back was total horseshit. There is and was a glut of receiving talent that made the Howard pick a pointless luxury. Report: Bucs open to trading O.J. Howard for “substantial offer” Posted by Charean Williams on October 28, 2019, 3:42 PM EDT Getty Images The Buccaneers said as recently as two weeks ago that O.J. Howard was unavailable. Now, they are 2-5 and perhaps open at least to listening. Jeanna Laine of ESPN reports that the Bucs would consider trading the tight end for a “substantial offer.” Multiple teams have inquired. The Patriots certainly could use a tight end with Benjamin Watson and Eric Tomlinson having recently joined Ryan Izzo and Matt LaCosse on the depth chart. Rob Gronkowski has said he’s not coming back this year. Howard, the 19th overall choice in 2017, has gotten lost in the Bucs offense. He has only 13 receptions for 176 yards in six games this season, having missed Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury. After Sunday’s loss to the Titans, Bucs coach Bruce Arians was asked about the possibility of the team changing its strategy at the trade deadline by becoming sellers. “No. I don’t play for next year,” Arians said, via a transcript from pewterreport.com. “Are you guaranteed next year? I’m not. I’m trying to win every damn game we play so I don’t give a s— about next year and you can write that anywhere you want, but I don’t give a s— about trades. I’m trying to beat Seattle.” The question is: Will Arians have Howard when the Bucs try to beat Seattle on Sunday?
  11. That and every other play make you wonder what the hell the Bucs ever saw in Perriman, and wonder even more how's he managed to stay on the roster. He's like DeSean Jackson with all the complacency and none of the skill.
  12. If you're playing the Titans, that's gonna cut both ways.
  13. Cayman Islands. Can't get at it, them refs ain't dumb.
  14. Watched him operate out here in Arizona for a few years and at the end of the day, it was just a cult of personality. Everybody loved the sound bits. Everybody loved the tough talk, but for me it always rang hollow. After a while, it rang hollow for everyone in the Cardinals organization. It's worth noting that his 'retirement' wasn't due to health reasons. Cardinals management eased him out to avoid a negative backlash from the fan base.