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  1. Make or break for all of them, and Vegas has the Bucs as favorites in only three games. But at least we have Monk to help keep our heads on straight.
  2. The guy has a really smart-ass mouth on him, too. So cut out his tongue. Two birds, one stone.
  3. OT:: OK, Which One of You

    Now you've got me worried for any amputee dogs you might encounter.
  4. OT:: OK, Which One of You

    Second degree burns, I gave that up a long time ago.
  5. Justin Watson

    This is probably true, and a shame because you want guys like that on your team.
  6. Justin Watson

    Has anyone found a highlight reel with a soundtrack that doesn't makes your ears and eyeballs bleed?
  7. Justin Watson

    We all still have hope for the Winston/Jackson duo, but I wouldn't bet any money that it will develop the way we all thought it would. We'll see Evans and Godwin as the 1-2 before long and we'll see Jackson gone not long after. So this looks like a good investment for depth now - Watson will be a PS guy all through 2018 unless someone tries to poach him. In the future, there's a chance he pays off big for a fifth rounder. We've seen the pundit comparisons to Thielen and Hogan. Anything close to that would be huge. For myself, I'm reminded more of the grit and reliability of Adam Humphries but with the size that's now prevalent in the league..
  8. Only in Yucville

    In then end, all you need to know is that the Bucs board is different from boards by Mayock or Kiper or whothefuckever. I'll put my faith in the guys who have real jobs on the line when it comes to making these decisions.
  9. Tundra hijacking the thread to make it about parrot porn in 3...2...1...
  10. Some of these mocks..really??

    Actually, they had Nelson gone at #5. Still, these guys have a piss-poor understanding of the Bucs coaches and FO mindset if they think they'd pay extra to take Barkley over Chubb. They'd gladly go with either player, but no way they shed a future 2nd to guarantee one over the other.
  11. Man, I was THAT close to deleting my bookmark. Figured some chump forgot to pay the bill and we were all toast.
  12. I'm ashamed of myself for laughing at that.
  13. OT: Podcasts Suck

    Couldn't agree more. And thanks for the link, gotta go.
  14. Saints owner Benson dead

    Here's my one and only Tom Benson story. I was once waiting on an elevator at the Georgia Dome, headed for the suite level because I'd cadged a pass from a friend who actually has money. The elevator door opened and I was about to step in when a burly guy grabbed me from behind, pushed me to the side, and said, "You'll need to take the next one. This is Mr. Benson's elevator." At which point Tom Benson and his entourage boarded, leaving me in their dust. So fuck that old, dead fuck.
  15. Vinny Curry

    Mid-level moves like this are all about opening up draft options. GMs and such can tell themselves they don't absolutely have to draft a guy at a particular position because they kinda-sorta covered it in free agency. And they might even be right.