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  1. JOEinPHX

    Bowles is on board.

    And now another thing. The team site has a slew of pix of BA arriving at One Buc, walking the halls, and looking around his new office - formerly Dirk's. I had the pleasure and privilege of walking those halls a few times myself and I got to know most of the staff. It really hit home, seeing those pix, that a lot of good people are suddenly on the street. I had some good moments with Todd Monken, Ben Steele and Mark Duffner, so I'm really hoping that they and others move on successfully.
  2. JOEinPHX

    Bowles is on board.

    A little follow-up. I see that BA has hired Keith Armstrong as ST coordinator. Armstrong has an up and down record, recently trending mostly down, but BA knows him from way back in their Temple days. I know the NFL is a crony league, and coaches tend to hire guys they're comfortable working with, but BA is going all-in on old connections rather than seeking out the best men available. It's not a good sign.
  3. JOEinPHX

    Bowles is on board.

    Three points. First, I'm happy for all you poor, dumb sonsabitches who have been suffering with this franchise since God kicked you out of the Garden of Eden. This hire might be the break you deserve... but second... ...one of the reasons Arians was eased out of the Cardinals organization (yes, he was eased out) was because, for whatever reason, he'd taken to working some pretty light hours. Ownership and the front office felt that contributed significantly to two straight losing seasons, so don't buy into the popular myth that Arians unilaterally decided to hang it up. Take his hiring in Tampa with at least one grain of salt... and finally... I no longer have a dog in the fight anyway. Andy decided before the season began that 2018 would be his last year in the NFL. The schedule doesn't allow him to be the dad he wants to be. He's missed a tremendous amount of time with his 3-year old son. And he missed the birth of his daughter in August because he was in Miami for the pre-season game with the Dolphins. He headed back to Tampa as soon as he learned his wife was in labor, but labor went pretty quick and he got home too late. So he decided to leave the league no matter what his future there might have held. Unlike most football coaches, Andy is capable of doing many other things, so I've no doubt that he'll land on his feet in very short order. He's already bought a house back here in Phoenix, so I'll soon have both my sons in town and unlimited grandkid access.
  4. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/01/09/bucs-finalize-contract-with-todd-bowles/ Bucs finalize contract with Todd Bowles Posted by Josh Alper on January 9, 2019, 3:41 PM EST Getty Images The Bears made their bid for his services, but Todd Bowles is headed to the Buccaneers after all. Word on Tuesday was that Bowles would join his former boss Bruce Arians in Arizona as the defensive coordinator with his new team and there are multiple reports that the deal became official on Wednesday. Per Chris Mortensen of ESPN, working out the offset language in Bowles’ Jets contract was part of the issue with closing the deal. Around the same time of reports that Bowles might be headed to the Bears, Arians talked about getting Bowles on board for Tampa. “He’s another one that’s like a son to me,” Arians said on The Rich Eisen Show, via Greg Auman of The Athletic. “I was more talking to him about his future. We all get fired. I’ve been fired so many times I can’t count them all. Then it led to this. He thought hard about it. I was doing my best sell job and this happened. We’re really excited to be back together.” Bowles takes over after a season that saw the Buccaneers finish 31st in points allowed and 27th in yards allowed, so he has both a lot of work to do and a low bar to clear for better results.
  5. Nerves and blood vessels. I haven't seen the YouTube vid and I don't intend to - just the split second in real time was tough enough. Jaylon Smith and Teddy Bridgewater went through my mind.
  6. JOEinPHX

    It's going to be Arians

    If you look closely at that poster, you'll see me in the background waiting my turn. I'm out of focus, but yeah, that's me.
  7. JOEinPHX

    OT - Somebody Help Me

    I don't really have a problem with prunes. And I like chocolate chips. But who in their right fucking mind would mix them together?
  8. JOEinPHX

    OT - Somebody Help Me

    She's telling me I won't notice the prunes - they just make for a moister cake. I'm pretty sure I'd notice them after a couple hours.
  9. My wife's in the kitchen making a prune and chocolate chip cake.
  10. JOEinPHX

    It's Griffin Time

    Fun fact. Merv Griffin is Ryan Griffin's great uncle.
  11. Lotsa talk these days about finally giving Ryan Griffin a shot at regular season action. Fans, talking heads, coaching staff all say it needs to happen - in the case of Dirk, he says it needs to happen when the time is right. Well, the time is right. Bench Winston. Hold him out of practice. Do (1) absolutely nothing to risk an injury trigger on a 2019 contract and (2) let him know that he's guaranteed absolutely nothing going forward. It wouldn't benefit this coaching staff, they're toast anyway. But it might be a benefit to Licht or a successor. It would almost certainly benefit the franchise going forward. Activate Fitz and Griffin this Sunday. Start Griffin. There won't be another opportunity.
  12. JOEinPHX

    Koetter is done.

    The Bucs are not a glamor destination by any means, but there's a whole world full of coaches out there whose ego tells them they can make a bad thing good. Throw in $5 mil or so in salary and you've got no end of applicants.
  13. What happened to the Winston/Godwin connection? Missing all day. And I think those Winston scrambles hurt at least as much as they helped - he seemed to slip into ad-lib mode after a couple successful ones, and ad-lib has been a bad look for him.
  14. JOEinPHX


    Bucs/Saints is a national game this week - whatever happens, lotsa folks gonna see it. 94% will be Saints fans and 6% will be Saints haters. Put me down with the haters.