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  1. JOEinPHX

    Dolphins now have 2 FitzMagics

    My son texted Fitz about an hour ago. Told him his first order of business in Miami was to make that Minkah joker kiss the ring.
  2. That 'cruise control' and 'his own ego' stuff is striking an Arizona-related chord with me. Got a bad feeling you might be writing this again in the not-too-distant future.
  3. JOEinPHX

    The AAF

    Add a 54-yarder. Somebody kick me in the other nuts.
  4. JOEinPHX

    The AAF

    And now Nick Folk hits a 55-yarder. Somebody kick me in the nuts.
  5. Maybe, but I just took the easy way out. Your breakdown showed more insight than Fennelly has ever demonstrated.
  6. Not defending Licht, but there's no such thing as a good read from Martin Fennelly. The man is a click-bait whore with zero real insight.
  7. C'mon, you were really thinking of a different animal, weren't you.
  8. JOEinPHX

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Spectacular news fanof! My sons have been two of the three great joys (and occasional trials) in my life - you have so much wonderfulness ahead of you. And it may be premature to say this, but your eventual grandchildren will be the icing on the cake.
  9. The longest in AAF history, and I was there to see it. Almost shit myself. But he banged the next one off the left upright, so I knew I wasn't hallucinating. BONUS COVERAGE - The crowd at Sun Devil Stadium was about 15000, and it was louder than RayJay.
  10. JOEinPHX

    My homer pick for the Bucs this year

    At 327 pounds the guy is svelte - he could pack on another 20 and carry it no sweat. 384 might have been a tad high.
  11. JOEinPHX

    Only The Browns..

    I'm told that the Browns employee in question now has a job with the Trump administration.
  12. JOEinPHX

    Full Staffs

    Just got back from Tampa - my wife and I were coordinating the move since he's in San Antonio right now. Grandkids and daughter-in-law are already here in Phoenix, Andy and his new team get in on the 31st, cars and furniture arrive in about a week. Everything is clicking. Spent our last night in Tampa at the Marriott Residence Inn, which is where the Bucs house their new staff while they get acclimated. Found myself in an elevator with new Bucs safeties coach Nick Rapone. Turns out he'd just flown in from San Antonio where he was coaching the Orlando Apollos before Arians called him up. He and Andy had been on the same field together two days earlier. Small world.
  13. JOEinPHX

    Full Staffs

    2015 Bucs
  14. JOEinPHX

    Full Staffs

    Here's a Miles Smith story related to me by my son. Miles had a reputation as a guy who liked to hide out in his office playing video games. He was also known as a soft, pudgy, out-of-shape guy who one day got it into his head - for reasons unknown - that he had to improve himself physically. He went to the training staff for guidance. Since the trainer he met with knew that Miles had a reputation for hiding out in his office playing video games, he decided to fuck with him. Told him that he'd need to do a max effort initial workout so his condition and capabilities could be accurately gauged. Put him through the workout, a true torture test, then sent him up to the coaches locker room to shower off. Miles staggered through the breezeway between the workout room and offices, climbed the stairs to the second floor, and went to the locker room. Meanwhile, the trainer told anyone he met that if they had a moment, they might want to pop in on Miles to see how he was doing. When my son went in, he found Miles groaning and curled up on the floor in a puddle of his own vomit. Andy backed out of the room and sent in the next guy. No one there much cared for Miles.
  15. JOEinPHX

    Bowles is on board.

    And now another thing. The team site has a slew of pix of BA arriving at One Buc, walking the halls, and looking around his new office - formerly Dirk's. I had the pleasure and privilege of walking those halls a few times myself and I got to know most of the staff. It really hit home, seeing those pix, that a lot of good people are suddenly on the street. I had some good moments with Todd Monken, Ben Steele and Mark Duffner, so I'm really hoping that they and others move on successfully.