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  1. Eh, I didn’t know he was in trouble for that shit. I thought it was Just probably injury related. Nevermind.
  2. I know there’s no money, but he’d be a good guy to take a chance on if they could figure out how to sign him.
  3. Agreed. The latest model that everyone is looking at says that at our current rate of participation, we're looking at about 300,000 deaths in the US by December, but if we all wore the mask we could cut that by 70,000. Imagine if you could help save more Americans than died in the Vietnam War by just wearing a mask, and then being like...nah.
  4. It's not just obese people. It's not just older people. The numbers skew those ways, but I've read plenty of testimonials of young and healthy people having lasting heart or lung damage from this thing.
  5. Nothing about this pandemic and the mask stuff should be political. Science should trump anyone's personal feelings on the matter, and if that was how we approached it, this mess would be mostly under control.
  6. Alright gentlemen, the league auto-renewed. We probably won't make it to week 6 but this is might be your only chance to Draft Buccaneer legend Tom Brady with the first overall pick. Here's the list of teams from last year, I want to confirm that people are in and will actually set a competitive roster week to week. I'll scrap any team who's owner I don't hear from and can't track down in the next 2 to 3 weeks. Who's in?! [X] The Conspiracy [ ] Baby Buccaneers [ ] Arian's Nation [ ] Captain Zippy [ ] Bad News Bears [ ] Slappy McPherson [ ] Blood Bay Buccaneers [ ] CT Milf Hunters [X] Show Me Your TD's [X] Abdullah to Zorn
  7. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/31/us/mlb-coronavirus-cardinals-brewers/index.html Baseball commissioner warns he might end season if coronavirus isn't managed better, ESPN reports
  8. This season was in jeopardy the second the Bucs unveiled these dope ass uniforms. It was doomed when Brady signed.
  9. In this short season, MLB only has 9 days off to reschedule games in, and they're not the same for every team. They'll probably have to cancel their entire upcoming series against Baltimore, and then the Phillies have to consider canceling their upcoming series too because you can have Covid and spread it around for 4 or 5 days before it shows up on a test. This is where we're at after 3 games and one incident:
  10. MLB made it three whole games before this shit started, can’t make up a game in the NFL... https://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/2020/07/26/marlins-delay-return-miami-after-apparent-coronavirus-outbreak-among-players Marlins cancel game after apparent coronavirus outbreak among players, coaches
  11. I live a block from Wrigley Field and I walk by it every day. The Cubs have been practicing with pumped in crowd noise too. Turns out the Falcons weren’t cheaters, they were just ahead of their time.
  12. I'm shocked they're still thinking about having fans in seats even if they seat them every 3rd or 4th seat. In a lot of major cities, that's not going to be allowed. Chicago for example still isn't allowing gatherings over 50 people and I don't think that changes until there's a vaccine or Covid magically disappears like the President promised in February.
  13. What year do we have to suck to draft him? The fact that we suck every year should help.
  14. Agreed. I call it Civic Rot. I read a quote that goes something like this... Strong people create great times. Great times create weak people. Weak people create troubled times. Troubled times create strong people. Strong people create great times. Repeat. We're in the bolded part.
  15. It's such a small thing, and it's the fastest route to NFL football, concerts, bars and restaurants, and oh yeah - slowing the death toll way down. The people who put the economy over the human toll should be the first ones saying let's wear masks, because that's the only way this goes away. We all have to get in the same boat for a few months and stick with it.
  16. Even if you don't believe in the mask thing, because you'd rather listen to an orange turd than a scientist... listening to the epidemiologists is hands down the only prayer we have of ever seeing Tom Brady suit up for a game as a Buc.
  17. Our very own Devon White, hosting a party for 2,000 in Louisiana this week. Good fucking grief. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/10/devin-white-hosting-a-party-with-2000-people-expected/
  18. Schefter tweeted that at least two Buccaneer players have Covid now too. A bunch of Lightning players have it as well.
  19. https://www.si.com/college/2020/06/20/lsu-football-players-quarantined-coronavirus 30 LSU Football players are being quarantined now. What happens when this happens on a Wednesday before a game in September?
  20. Right on fucking cue: https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1273808887548981248 No amount of eye rolling makes the pandemic into something it’s not. Fauci is one epidemiologist among thousands world wide who are preaching the seriousness of Covid and trying to explain to states like Florida just how it spreads and what we should do about it. Nearly every country on the planet has had outbreaks and some have been more serious than others. In modern countries that have large populations, you can almost always draw a line between official responses (i.e, listening to people like Fauci) and the severity of that outbreak. Meanwhile, the US leads the world in cases and deaths, and Florida is regularly setting its own record for daily new cases. Now, illustrating my point perfectly, the Bucs have an assistant coach who has the virus, but has no symptoms. If this was during training camp you’d see it run amok throughout the team. If this was during the regular season, it probably would spread further, to that week’s opponent, and so on. We also have the oldest coach in the league and he’s not exactly in great physical shape. God help us if Arians catches it. If you want football this season, stop with the nonsense, listen to the experts, and convince your friends and family to as well, because this isn’t going anywhere until we deal with it.
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