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  1. I’m just saying it should be flipped. Green Bay should be nice and high, but one spot behind the team that just curb stomped them seems more appropriate than one spot ahead.
  2. ESPN has the Bucs at 7, which is great. It has Green Bay at 6, which is bullshit.
  3. I DID think Rojo would develop into this, when he was drafted. Until a few weeks ago, I thought that ship had sailed.
  4. One of our RB’s (Rojo I think) had the same thing reversed a week or two ago.
  5. Having the Astros get their hopes up and still lose is the next best thing, I’d still have preferred a sweep and a lot of rest for the pitching staff.
  6. Until Brady retires, this is how it’s going to be.
  7. Maybe the only way for it to be more painful for Houston than getting swept would be to claw back from 3-0 and still lose. Baseball Gods, pretty please?
  8. Tell me more about this “mail prostitution.” Is there a website?
  9. Gators pausing the season after a Covid outbreak... 19 positive tests among players, coaches, and staff.
  10. We'd need about $2.3B and a willing seller. We have neither.
  11. Just wait until after the Packers game and the team we all thought would be 4-1 after last night is sitting at .500. The schedule's about to toughen up, even though the last 4 weeks look pretty easy. After last night's loss, it's looking like 10-6 is the ceiling. Losses to the Saints, Bears, Packers, Saints, Rams, and Chiefs. The wins are great so far, but the Bucs haven't demonstrated that they can beat a good team. If they somehow get healthy and win against Green Bay, maybe it's a different story.
  12. So he's the Bucs Steven Stamoks...he can come into the 3rd quarter, get a sack, and then leave the game again.
  13. Those calls were shit. The fact that Miller and Evans seemed like decoys didn’t help either.
  14. Have the Bucs ever beaten Nick Foles? Also, it’s no excuse for a sloppy game, but this one went to shit the minute the refs called encroachment instead of a false start, it went from 3rd and 17 to 3rd and 7 and the Bears scored a TD... that call flipped all the momentum. The roughing the passer call on Barret was likewise utter bullshit that extended a drive and led to Bears points. I’ll be shocked if Vea plays again this year.
  15. I live in Chicago and I fucking hate it when the Bucs lose to the Bears.
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