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  1. I have no doubt the lawyers get a big say in this... imagine the liability issues if there's a breakout among a team where they're sequestered together and someone dies...
  2. Sure, but since every case in the official tally is confirmed, we can reasonably conclude that cases and deaths are far more likely to be under reported than over reported. If you factor in mild cases, which are harmless to the infected but do spread to virus to people who can get much sicker or die from it, the numbers are drastically higher For example Los Angeles county did anti-body testing and found between 4 and 5 percent of residents had anti-body’s, meaning around 340,000 infections, while the official total is currently less than 9,000. Here’s some other numbers for people who keep saying this isn’t any worse than the common flu... Covid has killed more people in Michigan than the flu has killed in the last 20 years: https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2020/05/the-flu-has-killed-2200-michiganders-since-2000-coronavirus-topped-that-in-a-month.html
  3. While it’s true that outbreaks remain in concentrated areas, the virus is all over. A map with shades of green to red by county would be far more useful, and something that took population density into account would be more useful still. Reminds me of the ones that make it look like the entire country votes republican because Democrats don’t ever win those big empty counties in rural areas. The US has about 1.5m cases... 437,000 are closed cases with documented outcomes. Of those, about 347,000 cases closed with recovery, and about 91,000 resulted in death. 21% of documented closed cases have resulted in death. The true mortality rate is certainly a lot lower than that, but it sure as shit ain’t 0.02% https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ And all of that is WITH all of the social distancing and masks and business closures. Every epidemiologist or public health expert I can find says it would be exponentially worse if we hadn’t done what we’re doing, and it’ll ramp right back up if we let off the gas too soon. I’ve seen mortality rate estimates from .3% up to 5.4% (Johns Hopkins), but there is good info here on mortality rates... https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-death-rate/
  4. Back to ABC with a real broadcast team would be the ideal scenario. Gruden was all set to be the next John Madden, I was genuinely surprised he went back to coaching.
  5. What is it with you guys and the conspiracy theories?! You think every country and every medical expert in the world is freaking out because they're falling for some hoax perpetuated by who? Hillary and the pizza parlor pedo ring? You really think people aren't still dying from the regular things because of some grand conspiracy to what, grind the economy to a halt and keep people in doors?
  6. Fucking hell... stop it. This thing is not the common flu. It spreads like wildfire, and it's killed 75,000 people just in this country in 2 months, and that's WITH EVERYONE STAYING AT HOME TO SLOW IT DOWN. Writing this thing off as though we're overreacting to it is total bullshit.
  7. This thing kills young people too. If ONE player dies, the fallout will be apocalyptic.
  8. I liked this bit... https://mobile.twitter.com/EliasSports/status/1257359584827707392 Elias Sports Bureau @EliasSports · 23h Don Shula head-coached against a man who was an NFL head coach in 1920, the league’s first season, and also against someone who is still an NFL head coach today. He was 5-4 head-to-head against George Halas, and 2-0 versus Bill Belichick.
  9. IF they can figure out a test that takes like an hour, I think they’ll get the season to happen by testing every person who’s near the field before every game, but there won’t be fans in the seats. The problem is that any outbreak amongst a team could lead to them not being able to field a full team really quickly. Then what? Forfeiting games? Rescheduling for when?! Maybe some states will allow certain crowds to gather because they know something we don’t, but in Chicago I have a hard time believing any major event is going to involve a crowd for at least this year. All the concerts will be canceled, sporting, events if they happen, won’t have fans, the air show doesn’t stand a chance. Even businesses that open are going to do so assuming mask use and distancing requirements, which still means no restaurants since you have to eat. It also probably means no movie theaters unless they want to assign seating that’s far away. ...and on and on... We can’t just reopen things because we’re bored with quarantine without risking going back to square one and starting this whole mess all over again. It has to really be under control first. Then there are the liability issues that will have tons of businesses erring on the side of caution...
  10. The only game Trubisky ever looked like a Pro Bowl QB was when the Bucs brought their God awful secondary to Chicago two years ago and the Bears put up like 38 by halftime. Coincidentally, I left that game at halftime. The 6 TD's he threw that game were a quarter of his season total of 24, and everyone around here thought that he was on his way to being franchise material. He had 18 TD's in the other 15 games, but they'd already drank the Kool-Aid. Which made it all the more fun to watch this city lose their minds last season when they didn't win the Super Bowl.
  11. I’ve listened to enough sports talk radio in Chicago to know that we don’t want anything to do with Trubisky.
  12. Nope, unless his Wikipedia page is all kinds of fucked up, he turns 30 in August.
  13. I'm convinced that Hill has photos of Sean Payton and Drew Brees fucking in the team showers. There's no other explanation for how they talk about and pay a 29 year old QB with such an empty resume.
  14. Here we go... Covid cancels the season, Brady never takes a snap as a Buc, Jameis goes to New Orleans where Payton coaches the INT's right out of him. This is the way.
  15. I’m not trying to say I’m Nostradamus, but I even managed to stumble into calling the Bucs lack of a 4th round pick.
  16. Which of them is best at catching passes out of the backfield. That’s probably the one that the Bucs would prefer.
  17. I haven't followed along as closely this year, so I don't really know the differences between the four big OT's everyone keeps talking about, but I'd like to see the Bucs get one of them. Beyond that, a pass catching RB who can block is still an absolute must. I'd like them to add a WR and Safety after that. Although without a 4th round pick, one of those is going to be a pretty late round pick unless they can get something back for OJ Howard.
  18. If he's recovered sure, but last time we heard from Gronk he was a 28 or 29 year old talking about how his body was completely broken. He routinely misses time... It's not my money, so if the team can make it work financially, I'm all about it for a 4th rounder. Even if he only pays 2 years. This team is all in on a short Super Bowl window, and it certainly beats what we're used to...
  19. I am fine with this. The Bucs are all in.
  20. I wonder if they'd trade OJ Howard for Gronk... Patriots would get a former 1st round TE for a retired guy. Sounds about right.
  21. Looks like they kind of got the memo... https://www.tampabay.com/sports/bucs/2020/04/21/bucs-owners-donate-five-million-meals-to-feeding-tampa-bay/
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