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  1. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    It Wasn't His Fault

    It was a 2-7 team that hadn’t played in Tampa for 7 weeks. Why would anyone bother.
  2. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Hargreaves is "Harnomore" with Bucs

    Oh well, I went to UF, so I'm disappointed he didn't work out, but he was due $9m or $10m next year and was never going to see that, cutting him now at least sends a message to everyone else...
  3. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Honestly, $25m per year for an NFL starting QB these days is not all that bad. Here's the list of QB's and their Average Annual Salary for their current contracts: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/rankings/average/quarterback/ 1. Russell Wilson: $35m 2. Ben Roethlisberger: $34m 3. Jared Goff: $33.5m 4. Aaron Rogers: $33.5m 5. Carson Wentz: $32m 6. Matt Ryan: $30m 7. Kirk Cousins: $28m 8 Jimmy Garoppolo: $27.5m 9. Matthew Stafford: $27m 10. Drew Brees: $25m 11. Derek Carr: $25m <-------At $25m Jameis would be here but would be leapfrogged by Mahomes and maybe a few others when they get new deals: 12. Alex Smith: $23.5 13. Tom Brady: $23m 14. Joe Flacco: $22.1m 15. Nick Foles: $22m 16. Eli Manning: $21m 17. Philip Rivers: $20.8m 18. Cam Newton: $20.7m 19. Andy Dalton: $16m 20. Jacoby Brissett: $15m 21. Kyler Murray: $8.8m 22. Baker Mayfield: $8.1m 23. Sam Darnold: $7.5m 24. Mitchell Trubisky: $7.3m 25. Teddy Bridgewater: $7.2m 26. Daniel Jones: $6.4m 27. Jameis Winston: $6.3m 28. Marcus Mariota: $6.1m 29. Tyrod Taylor: $5.5m 30. Ryan Fitzpatrick: $5.5m 31. Josh Allen: $5.3m 32. Chase Daniel: $5.0m 33. Patrick Mahomes: $4.1m And so on... So a few things to keep in mind: - Contracts get bigger every year, so guys who signed 3 or 4 years ago may be making less than guys who signed last year even though they're better. - Tom Brady doesn't care about money, he makes a gazillion dollars from Under Armour, and Gisselle is richer than he is, so him playing for $23m instead of $30m is nothing to him. - A lot of the guy on the lower end of this list are going to move right to the top of it when they get new deals - Patrick Mahomes is going to be making closer to $40m average next year. I look at all that, and I don't think $25m for Jameis is crazy at all. I'm not 100% convinced I'd give it to him, but if he could be talked into a 3 year deal with incentives and options after that, I think it would be smart to re-sign him and see what happens. He makes $21m this year, so $25m isn't going to obliterate our salary cap compared to where it is right now.
  4. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    It Wasn't His Fault

    I mean, I know no one here wants to hear this, but Godwin flat out fell down on that second INT, so yeah, it legitimately wasn’t Jameis’ fault.
  5. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    It Wasn't His Fault

    I mean Kyle Murray literally threw one in this game, but it’s true that he’s been pretty careful with the football.
  6. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    It Wasn't His Fault

    Jameis threw for 358 yards and led a game winning TD drive with less than 2 minutes left in the game. And all anyone wants to do is talk about the INT...
  7. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Sundays Game

    You must be new to this forum and Bucs fandom in general.
  8. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Sundays Game

    I see you’ve declined to answer the question. I guess your initial point really was nonsense.
  9. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Sundays Game

    Which teams have great QB's, shit defenses, shit offensive lines, shit running games, and still win regularly? Name one.
  10. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Sundays Game

    Rook is talking about 2017, not 2016, and the Jameis-led Bucs did win all four of those games.
  11. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Sundays Game

    Ah okay, so it's Jameis' fault that guys like Scottie Miller can't get it done, OJ Howard is under-performing, and there are a few weak links on the O-line because he's not elevating their play - but it's probably got nothing to do with him that Godwin and Evans are the best WR duo in the league, and that Ronald Jones is really coming on, or that Marpet and Jensen are pretty solid. Or that Humphries was amazing in Tampa and shit in Tennessee... I'll be the first to admit that Jameis isn't a top ten QB without major problems in his game, but blaming him for all of this shit is petty and simple. The players around him are often undisciplined and for every drive that he ends with a turnover, three end from dumb holding calls. The Bucs have had more than their fair share of bullshit reasons that things don't go well or that they frequently lose close games from inept kicking, to MRSA, to this brutal schedule, to playing in a division with Cam Netwon, Drew Brees, and Matt Ryan instead of one with the Jets, Dolphins, and Bills. There's Jameis, but games are won and lost with QB play, as well as the play of everyone else on the team, plus coaching, scheme, game plans, match ups, conditioning, injuries, discipline, penalties, bad calls, strength of schedule, crowd noise, play calling, weather... Football is a game with a thousand variables that add up to failure or success, and you're trying to boil it down to one guy with abstract arguments like "he's the general on the field" - it's dumb.
  12. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Sundays Game

    Exactly, and adding to the pile of things that aren't Jameis' fault but suck for the team overall... the schedule that has that fucked up road trip that we're in the middle of is also the toughest strength-of-schedule in the NFL through 9 weeks:
  13. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Sundays Game

    That's not an argument, but I suppose it's simpler to just blame Jameis for everything whether it's something he controls or not...
  14. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Sundays Game

    Laugh all you want but yeah, if this team wasn't perpetually needing a 30 point lead to eek out a 3 point win, I think he'd make far fewer mistakes. All those years with shit secondary play, here's how many games the Bucs lost by 1 score or less in each of them (again) going back to our 10 win season: 2019 - 4 (through half a season) 2018 - 7 2017 - 7 2016 - 4 2015 - 4 2014 - 9 2013 - 4 2012 - 7 2011 - 3 That's 49 losses since 2011 by 8 points or less, and without having written it all down, I bet in a fucking ton of those the Bucs gave up 30+ points.
  15. Hate Jameis all you want, but Andy Dalton is not an upgrade. If we're not going forward with Winston, and Dalton is your only option, I'd rather draft someone.
  16. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Cam done for the year

    Chicago sports talk radio is talking about how the Bears should trade for him. They're completely over Trubitsky.
  17. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Sundays Game

    I get that it's always excuses... but there are some things worth considering: https://mobile.twitter.com/NFLSTROUD/status/1191323738169434114 Through 8 games the Bucs have scored 230 points - most in team history. https://twitter.com/bucwild007/status/1191336320536326149 The Bucs have had a lead in 5 of their 7 losses - a few of those leads were significant ones (25-10 vs. Giants, 21-7 vs. Seattle, 23-17 vs. Tennessee late in the game). Meanwhile, the team is nearing the end of a stretch of 7 weeks without a home game. Jameis has been his inconsistent self, but has still had the team in a position to win a lot of those games, and the defense has simply been pure shit. I wouldn't give him a 5 year $150 million contract, but I'd consider trying to get him for something reasonable, or franchise him while you take yet another shot at fixing this god-awful secondary play. QB isn't even close to being this team's biggest problem. The Bucs haven't been able to cover since they went 10-6 in 2010 . Bucs passing defense (YPG) by year: 2019: 293.5 - 31st 2018: 259.4 - 26th 2017: 260.6 - 32nd 2016: 250.8 - 22nd 2015: 240.0 - 16th (Woo hoo!) 2014: 255.2 - 28th 2013: 237.9 - 17th 2012: 297.4 - 32st 2011: 238.4 - 21st For once in his career, I want to see what Jameis could be with a team that is capable of holding a fucking lead, so he doesn't have to go out there and do dumb shit because he knows that if they don't score on every drive they'll lose while the defense gives up 35.
  18. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Let's jinx it...

    Since we all wanted Matt Gay cut after missing the kick against NY, he's perfect on Field Goals and PAT's. So he shook it off. I think we've got a kicker.
  19. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    If this team trades OJ Howard...

    I'm going to lose my mind.
  20. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    First drive should have been a TD

    They keep erring on the side of caution and letting the play happen so it can be reviewed if needed, and on a play that could give the Bucs a win there’s an instant whistle. Total bullshit.
  21. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    First drive should have been a TD

    That punter fucking fumbled and that should have been a Bucs touchdown.
  22. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Where will Winston land?

    I still think that Belichick is going to retire when Brady does. He's 67 years old with absolutely zero to prove. Why start over, let alone star over with Jameis Winston...
  23. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Nice Hamer guitar for a buc fan...

    I ran into Rick Nielsen outside of the Chicago Recording Company maybe 4 or 5 years go... word around the building was that he was recording a podcast with Sammy Hagar?
  24. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Officiating ruining this game

    This is all a fair point, but it's not like the Packers weren't totally hosed in that Seattle game a few years ago, or like every team hasn't been fucked in a close one by a bad call. What's ruining the game, is all the stopping for replay. I like the limited challenge system, but now you've got refs calling everything a touchdown or a fumble so it can be automatically reviewed, then the standard for overturning that call is higher than if they'd just made the call on the field. There was a TD last night where a Lions RB stuck the ball out towards the goal line and I don't think he got in, and the replays they showed on TV certainly didn't show him definitively getting in, but they called a TD after a different ref called no TD, and it was reviewed and they kicked the PAT without another word. I don't know if the solution is adding an official or two to each crew, having officials be full time officials instead of lawyers who do it for fun, or what... but I hope the solution to better officiating isn't more reviews and challenges. The PI challenging is the fucking worst thing they've added to football in years.
  25. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Refs are a 12th man today

    Is it too early for draft talk?