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  1. Do we know if Stamkos is going to be able to play?
  2. This was 100% destined to happen. We took a 43 year old QB and plugged him into a new offensive system for the first time in his career. Then you gave everyone the weirdest most disjointed offseason imaginable, scrapped the entire preseason, and sent the team off on the road to play one of the most consistently best teams in the NFC. The Brady thing might work out, but we're all getting way ahead of ourselves. Everyone also seems to be forgetting that we're the team of MRSA, timely penalties, terrible kickers, hurricanes stealing bye weeks, uber allegations, 2 month road trips... this isn't a team that just comes out of the gate week one and suddenly is beating great teams.
  3. All that and I got stuck working late and completely missed the draft. Fuckin' hell.
  4. Hard to believe he's a practice squad player, let alone on our practice squad... can't hurt to see if he could develop with better coaching. I feel bad for the kid. He's still only 23.
  5. BUMP - any of the remaining 3 around and able to confirm that they're in? [ ] Bad News Bears [ ] Slappy McPherson [ ] Blood Bay Buccaneers
  6. The Bucs and new kickers, name a more iconic duo.
  7. That article just said that it’s 16 days to opening day and that just sounded crazy. Partially because of no preseason, and I suppose partially because I can’t believe there are going to be games at all.
  8. Gotcha. I wouldn’t say I was ever a McCoy Super fan, but I always felt like he got a bad rap in Tampa for the simple fact that he’s not Warren Sapp. He was a good player, maybe not a great one, who regularly played on shit teams, for shit coaches, with a shit supporting cast - and without a lot of solid veteran examples to learn how to lead from. Despite all of that, he still went to a ton of pro bowls and was widely considered to be a top DT in the league for a long time - whether fans in Tampa ever bought it or not. So, I guess part of me is sympathetic when it comes to McCoy...
  9. He's played in at least 13 games every year of his career except 2011 and at least 14 games 7 of his 10 seasons. Guys get dinged up, guys get injured. It's not like he's never on the field.
  10. Anybody else? I'd hate to have four teams where it's a question mark as to whether they've seen this or even know about the draft... Anyone new want in this year?
  11. He ripped his biceps in those first two seasons but was pretty durable after that.
  12. They probably thought they were bringing in Bob Griese.
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