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  1. If Brady's season ends early its' over anyway, but what if we're in a playoff hunt and he goes down for 3 games? You need someone who can win 1 or 2 of those. Is Gabbert that guy? Honest question.
  2. We just signed a non-mobile 43 year old to play QB with a Super Bowl or bust mentality, and Blaine Gabbert is our backup. I don't like it.
  3. Also, after winning 3 straight Super Bowls, Jameis will retire form the NFL to play baseball. Then, he'll come back to the NFL to win 3 more Super Bowls in a row.
  4. Fair point. I've always actually really liked McCoy and always felt like he was as good as everyone said even if the numbers didn't always reflect that. That said, watching the team last season it seemed to me that Suh had a bigger impact than McCoy had had in years if ever, even if the numbers weren't there.
  5. Did he? 16 games. 2 Passes Defended. 5 Sacks. 37 tackles (15 solo). 7 TFL. 13 QB hits.
  6. Pffffft, Bradshaw only won 4 Super Bowls. What does he know about a guy who won 6?!
  7. Well, he had hip surgery last year and missed most of the season. With that in mind... maybe?
  8. Oops... since I started working from home I'm reading everything at twice the speed and missing twice as much.
  9. You need $8m to sign rookies too. That cap space went quick.
  10. Sounds lovely. The Bucs started off with a lot of cap space but just spent about $57m of it on JPP, Brady, Shaq, and the cheap O-lineman. Does anyone have a handle on how much is left? Suh, Perriman, a pass-catching RB and some more defensive depth would all be ideal.
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