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  1. Even if you don't believe in the mask thing, because you'd rather listen to an orange turd than a scientist... listening to the epidemiologists is hands down the only prayer we have of ever seeing Tom Brady suit up for a game as a Buc.
  2. Our very own Devon White, hosting a party for 2,000 in Louisiana this week. Good fucking grief. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/07/10/devin-white-hosting-a-party-with-2000-people-expected/
  3. Schefter tweeted that at least two Buccaneer players have Covid now too. A bunch of Lightning players have it as well.
  4. https://www.si.com/college/2020/06/20/lsu-football-players-quarantined-coronavirus 30 LSU Football players are being quarantined now. What happens when this happens on a Wednesday before a game in September?
  5. Right on fucking cue: https://mobile.twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1273808887548981248 No amount of eye rolling makes the pandemic into something it’s not. Fauci is one epidemiologist among thousands world wide who are preaching the seriousness of Covid and trying to explain to states like Florida just how it spreads and what we should do about it. Nearly every country on the planet has had outbreaks and some have been more serious than others. In modern countries that have large populations, you can almost always draw a line between official responses (i.e, listening to people like Fauci) and the severity of that outbreak. Meanwhile, the US leads the world in cases and deaths, and Florida is regularly setting its own record for daily new cases. Now, illustrating my point perfectly, the Bucs have an assistant coach who has the virus, but has no symptoms. If this was during training camp you’d see it run amok throughout the team. If this was during the regular season, it probably would spread further, to that week’s opponent, and so on. We also have the oldest coach in the league and he’s not exactly in great physical shape. God help us if Arians catches it. If you want football this season, stop with the nonsense, listen to the experts, and convince your friends and family to as well, because this isn’t going anywhere until we deal with it.
  6. It’s cute how you guys all think there’s going to be a season. I told you the minute the Bucs unveiled awesome uniforms and signed Tom Brady that we were all fucked. I also don’t get the idea of blaming Fauci... all he does is look at the science and call it like it is. These leagues are going to try to operate in a bubble but all they’re going to do is create a Petri dish for the virus to spread in once they put these guys in the same place. Most of the places that are opening up quickly and earlier are seeing spikes in cases and that’s how it’s going to be until this country takes it seriously enough, for long enough to eradicate it - or until we come up with a vaccine. Sports are fucked in the meantime. Not because it would kill half the league, but because of the liability if it just killed one or two players, or spread to their families, etc... I hope I’m wrong, but I expect that the NBA and NHL playoff experiments are going to end in a lot of players getting Covid, and a lot of teams left with too few eligible players to suit up. Also, if it’s going to run amok in a locker room, you Goddamn know it’s going to be the Bucs. It’s always the Bucs.
  7. I saw someone comment that "Gronk Nation Youth Foundation" sounds like something out of Arrested Development... spot on.
  8. The secret is out, Mike Glennon was never much of a quarterback.
  9. I have no doubt the lawyers get a big say in this... imagine the liability issues if there's a breakout among a team where they're sequestered together and someone dies...
  10. Sure, but since every case in the official tally is confirmed, we can reasonably conclude that cases and deaths are far more likely to be under reported than over reported. If you factor in mild cases, which are harmless to the infected but do spread to virus to people who can get much sicker or die from it, the numbers are drastically higher For example Los Angeles county did anti-body testing and found between 4 and 5 percent of residents had anti-body’s, meaning around 340,000 infections, while the official total is currently less than 9,000. Here’s some other numbers for people who keep saying this isn’t any worse than the common flu... Covid has killed more people in Michigan than the flu has killed in the last 20 years: https://www.mlive.com/public-interest/2020/05/the-flu-has-killed-2200-michiganders-since-2000-coronavirus-topped-that-in-a-month.html
  11. While it’s true that outbreaks remain in concentrated areas, the virus is all over. A map with shades of green to red by county would be far more useful, and something that took population density into account would be more useful still. Reminds me of the ones that make it look like the entire country votes republican because Democrats don’t ever win those big empty counties in rural areas. The US has about 1.5m cases... 437,000 are closed cases with documented outcomes. Of those, about 347,000 cases closed with recovery, and about 91,000 resulted in death. 21% of documented closed cases have resulted in death. The true mortality rate is certainly a lot lower than that, but it sure as shit ain’t 0.02% https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/ And all of that is WITH all of the social distancing and masks and business closures. Every epidemiologist or public health expert I can find says it would be exponentially worse if we hadn’t done what we’re doing, and it’ll ramp right back up if we let off the gas too soon. I’ve seen mortality rate estimates from .3% up to 5.4% (Johns Hopkins), but there is good info here on mortality rates... https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-death-rate/
  12. Back to ABC with a real broadcast team would be the ideal scenario. Gruden was all set to be the next John Madden, I was genuinely surprised he went back to coaching.
  13. What is it with you guys and the conspiracy theories?! You think every country and every medical expert in the world is freaking out because they're falling for some hoax perpetuated by who? Hillary and the pizza parlor pedo ring? You really think people aren't still dying from the regular things because of some grand conspiracy to what, grind the economy to a halt and keep people in doors?
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