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  1. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    My homer pick for the Bucs this year

    When you say take Bosa... do you mean take him from the 49'ers? Because he's not going to be there and I doubt the Bucs would spend what it takes to move up.
  2. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Bucs to "host" Panthers game in London

    Why is it always a fucking home game when the Bucs go to London...
  3. The Rich McKay Conspiracy


    I had shoulder surgery last year... Sure, I'm older than most of these players, but I can't fathom how they're playing football so soon after stuff like that. I wouldn't find it weird at all if someone had to miss a season of football for a bad shoulder.
  4. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Jameis Deserves The Rams Scheme

  5. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Dilemma..who to pull for

    I want them both to lose... so, hopefully they go like 6 OT's, get exhausted, and whichever one wins has their shit kicked next week.
  6. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Beat off T; Beat off!

    So what's the deal, now the Bucs didn't hire Kugler?!
  7. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Looking ahead, way ahead...

    That’s it right there, if the draft were today. But, with free agency happening before the draft, no one has any idea what the team needs are going to be at this point. We could be looking at anything from tackles and guards to a RB ot CB. Kwon and McCoy might be gone leaving holes at DT and LB. if Humphries walks and Jackson is on the out, suddenly WR isn’t looking as hot either. Do you draft a QB in the third Incase Fitz leaves and Winston doesn’t earn that new contract? TE is strong with Howard but if Brate leaves we need another one. Needs all over, and no idea what it’ll look like in April.
  8. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Bowles to Tampa

    I saw there was some reporting that Bowles was considering Chicago, the Sun Times reported a few minutes ago that he wasn't going to the Bears because he was in fact going to Tampa. https://chicago.suntimes.com/sports/bears-defensive-coordinator-watch-todd-bowles-headed-to-buccaneers/
  9. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    tb_buc will love this! Joe Maddon. . .

    And we’re happy to have him here!
  10. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Arians is in.....and guess who may be coming back?

    Bowles has run a 3-4 and a 4-3, apparently he’s known for adapting to fit his personnel. So it could be a 3-4, but I don’t think it’s guaranteed or even more likely.
  11. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Arians is in.....and guess who may be coming back?

    So if all the rumors panned out and Arians decided to keep part of the coaching staff intact, we'd be looking at: Arians for HC Monken or Caldwell for OC Bowels for DC Christensen for QB's Goodwin and Leftwich for "passing coordinator" and "running coordinator" whatever that means... Buckner for DL
  12. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Bruce Arians bitches. ​​​​​​​

    Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter FollowFollow @AdamSchefter More Buccaneers now finalizing deal to make Bruce Arians their next head coach, per sources. The former Cardinals’ HC will be the Bucs next HC.
  13. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Bruce Arians bitches. ​​​​​​​

    Well, he's 62-50 in his career, which would be a major improvement over anyone since Gruden, and that includes 3 winning seasons in Detroit... While I'd 100% prefer Arians, you could do worse, particularly at coordinator.
  14. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Bruce Arians bitches. ​​​​​​​

    That wouldn’t be so bad at all, it might even be good.