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  1. The Rich McKay Conspiracy


    New Year, New Weird Problem... Raheem Morris Being Coach Josh Freeman's Drug Problem MRSA Idiot Kickers No Bye Week Because of a Hurricane Jameis' Suspension 7 Weeks Without a Home Game
  2. The Rich McKay Conspiracy


    Went to look up the schedule and the first google hit was an article about the leagues toughest schedules. Every fucking year it’s something, this year it’s seven weeks between home games. WTF!? ——————— Tampa Bay Buccaneers The Bucs will have to balance a brutal division schedule with an even more brutal stretch away from home surrounding the team's London trip. The Bucs go seven weeks between games in Tampa with road games against the NFC's two best teams from a year ago (the Rams and Saints) before a trip overseas to play the division-rival Panthers, then tests in Tennessee and Seattle after the team's bye. The run starts in Week 4, making early games like the Week 2 Thursday nighter in Carolina all the more crucial as Bruce Arians' crew tries to get out to a fast start to build a cushion. On paper, this might be my least favorite schedule in the league.
  3. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Optimistic 6-10 in 2019

    Every year we think they get a million times better in the off-season. The fact that everyone is so convinced this team will suck is the main reason that I think this year marks the real turnaround.
  4. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Bucs Sign Safety Kentrell Brice

    Packer fans say this guy is really bad.
  5. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Problem for Montez Sweat???

    If the docs say he can play, I’d draft him. Not with the fifth overall pick, but if he was there later, it would be extremely tempting.
  6. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Dolphins now have 2 FitzMagics

    I hope he wins them the damn Super Bowl, love that guy, even though this is pretty much true:
  7. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Non Bucs news

    I read it, on Reddit a couple days ago. Googling it now it seems that maybe that wasn't true.
  8. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Non Bucs news

    Drew Brees' cap hit for the Saints next year is $41.3m.
  9. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Bucs Sign OLB Barrett

    Broncos fans on another forum I peruse are saying it's a good signing, that he's a good pass rusher but didn't get a lot of time opportunity playing with Chubb and Von.
  10. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Hunt Gets Eight Games

    They do! I haven't gone since maybe around 2011 or 2012. My office is on Hubbard just north of the river... kind of smack dab in the middle of 3 Billy Goat Taverns.
  11. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Hunt Gets Eight Games

    Hell no, I live near Wrigley Field and the 500 bars up and down Clark St. St. Patrick's Day weekend is like the Goddamn Purge. I'm barricading myself in my house until it's over.
  12. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Bucs Sign OLB Barrett

    That would be better than them all flopping this season and being available cheap...
  13. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    Hunt Gets Eight Games

    What day is the parade?
  14. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    While Jason Licht sits around with his thumb up his ass

    That's one picture, the other one whether you agree with it or not says that we have a franchise QB who's been slowed down by coaching, offensive weapons all over the field, a strong front four with McCoy / Vea / Nassib / JPP, the 5th overall pick in the draft and a high pick in each round after, young talent all over the secondary, and for the first time since Gruden, a proven winner leading the whole thing. I have no idea what to expect this season, but the coaching alone makes it more interesting to me than we've seen in a long time. We're going to find out if Jameis is what he is, or if he's what he could be with Koetter, because if anyone can take him to the next level it's Arians.
  15. The Rich McKay Conspiracy

    While Jason Licht sits around with his thumb up his ass

    We're going to find out if this team's problem was coaching or the players this year. I'm excited. If it was the players, Licht is as good as gone. If it was the coaching, then Arians will have this team winning more than we're used to. That the Bucs haven't spent $40m on top free agents this year doesn't bother me very much. We've been doing that every year since Schiano and look where it's gotten us.