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    I was permanetly banned as Gruden's Jockstrap so I came back as Ghostrap.
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  1. Don't believe the hype. Goodell hits like a girl.
  2. Ghostrap

    Firing Gruden -- a Retrospective

    You're just figuring this out now? What makes your opinion worth anything, finally? Just saying. You guys are part of the same crowd who got "Guruden" fired in the first place. Just learn how to shut your c*ck sucker. Going by this rate, perhaps that will be done in 2027.
  3. Being one who was banned by rene gnam constantly for no reason, I could clearly answer these questions. The same dozen members that have never skipped a day to post here got them banned. They were/still are adding the fuel to the fire. Sissified hipocrites. Turns out that I am being blessed though, not wasting my life chatting with a bunch of losers about a bunch of losers.
  4. Ghostrap

    Ghostrap: Draft Forecast & Wishes

    I called 4 positions out of our 4 picks so far. I even called a trade to get a backup Kwon Alexander clone. Who happens to be from LSU too. They need to quit listening to me. I really don't know what the hell I'm doing. In the 2nd part of my original post, I meant to say trade for a 2017 4th round pick, like I mentioned before I redid my whole list/came out with an update. I started to get sloppy.
  5. Ghostrap

    Someone Top Notch Will Fall to 19

    Only when you can tell me why you don't like to share your toys with me. Did mommy and daddy spoil and pamper you? Or were you an only child with only one parent? Or did they divorce? Many children come out very spoiled from those conditions too. Why doesn't little ole tundra play well with others? Or do you even know why?
  6. Ghostrap

    Someone Top Notch Will Fall to 19

    Not unless you truly knew the meaning of dazzle, and you were also aware of what I am referring to. But surely you do not.
  7. Ghostrap

    Someone Top Notch Will Fall to 19

    I would prefer Adams at SS, and a more physical FS than Hooker. Somebody like tundra's mommy.
  8. Ghostrap

    Someone Top Notch Will Fall to 19

    Me and shabazz are a tag team. We're called The Dazzling Magic Wands.
  9. Ghostrap

    Someone Top Notch Will Fall to 19

    Earl Thomas is a 2 in 1. So was Tanard Jackson. Dashon Goldson. I would personally prefer those guys over another softy like Chris Conte.
  10. Ghostrap

    Someone Top Notch Will Fall to 19

    It would be quite shp-esque huh?
  11. Ghostrap


  12. Ghostrap


  13. Ghostrap

    Someone Top Notch Will Fall to 19

    Hooker has doug martin shoulders from 3 injuries counting back from high school. We need a hitter & ball jarer at FS.
  14. Good post. I don't and am constantly turning off my data/wifi. Causes cancer. I imagine tundra does, as i notice how often he stops by bucschat. Good riddance.