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  1. Yesterday Dungy commented that A Brown was Covid insurance. There's always a medical term or a body part associated with that asshole.
  2. The Falcons apparently have some innate ability to tank despite the best efforts of great coaching
  3. Damn this game went exactly the way I called it.
  4. There's nothing wrong with me Lovin' you, baby no no Good D almost picked
  5. Fucking Gruden. I called that fake punt. Balls...
  6. I've really tryin, tryin to hold back this feeling for so long. That it's a little uh, possibly somewhat latentish, Gay.
  7. Bucs lose 30-28 in a thriller when Suckup misses a 38 yarder for the win with no time left on the clock. Either that or... With no time left on the clock, Bucs win 28-27 in a thriller when Brate snares the two point conversion in middle of the end zone for winning points. Book it twinks
  8. That's kinda harsh. If Suh could just keep some duct tape over that whole blonde patched anal tickler area, we might make it through to the Super Bowl uninfected.
  9. Doesn't matter what coach speak comes outta his mouth. A scorpion will be a scorpion...
  10. I gotta believe that's what has happened. If Flores was inclined to make the move he wouldn't have waited for the last possession with the blowout lead they had. But why the fuck was there a national media jerkoff fest with facials over Tua taking a couple snaps. He was going to at some time. Nobody expected his career was over when the Fins drafted him. That would be the big emotional story.
  11. I got a call from a family member saying they heard about cancer hitting the Bucs. Took me a second. Then I got an apology. Sort of. Said "I vowed to hate whichever team signed him. Sorry it's the Bucs." Hopefully Brady knows what the fuck he's doing. We've been fooled so many times before our collective asses clench at the thought of it... But I'm sure it's a another great signing. Unclench bitches!
  12. He's plodded his way to over 7,500 yards and 54 touchdowns. Though he's been slacking off this season with a measly 6 TD's in 6 games. Keep On Plodding 2020!
  13. Mike Evans issues, if any, seem mostly related to refs watching closely for anything they can possibly call as OPI. Fuck the Buc hatin' lyin' cheatin' ref scumbags. No, really. Fuck them if you see them Thank you...
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