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  1. On a positive note, Vea seems like he could become a solid Tackle. And Ronald Jones didn't get a carry but was able to catch a ball. He was targeted behind the line twice and caught one before being hammered for a loss.
  2. bucs63

    Dear Succaneers,

    Right now it might be a tie with the Raiders.
  3. No little pink houses for you and me in here, bitches.
  4. bucs63

    Fire GM and Coaching Staff

    They won't find a better coach willing to take the job and say they were behind ole Dirk the whole time. Won't they?
  5. bucs63

    Fire GM and Coaching Staff

    Maybe they should. But I'm thinking the whole show gets at least another year.
  6. Fewer drops than last week. But agreed, there were many and there's plenty worse to bitch about. QB play this year was great by Buc standards.
  7. Worms. Eatin dem W's.
  8. And right after I hit submit... WINSTON
  9. Winston's audition is actually still going well. He hasn't had a turnover or a WTF moment yet.
  10. Right after the kick and just as they went to commercial they showed Jensen on the sideline. And damn if it didn't look like he had a good yawn going.
  11. Hope we don't have to settle for another missed FG
  12. Lucky Jensen didn't kill the drive. This time
  13. Any more evidence needed to finger Anger in the kicking game?
  14. In position to miss an easy FG
  15. Because Winston went to FSU?
  16. No penalty on a punt!
  17. It's too cold to catch a ball
  18. Ravens by 7 1/2. High of 49 degrees too warm to use as an excu uh make it interesting. Dirk might call plays in the 2nd half again to make sure any signs of excitement become flacid. go bucs
  19. bucs63

    Thanks NFL ya bunch of dicks

    That would be the good news. The bad news would be the percentage of the total cost going towards the farcical exhibition games will be higher.
  20. bucs63

    What To Do With Winston?

    I wonder if his accuracy has been questionable there too.
  21. bucs63

    What To Do With Winston?

    Or where his mouth is at. ...Grain of salt.
  22. Big Eddie probably has a Capo who'd take care of it.