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  1. Based on the pecking order. The three pecker heads are at bottom.
  2. bucs63

    Ed Oliver

    High pressure system moving into the lower states.
  3. bucs63

    Ed Oliver

    They're both good whacking material for sure but the drafts have sentimental value. That's why I've kept em. Really. I swear.
  4. bucs63

    Ed Oliver

    I love the draft. It spawns drama more serious than Gone with the Wind. And that's what whoever's chance at greatness will be when the Bucs make the pick. And whichever it is, frankly Scarlet... I still have recordings of drafts from the nineties. We really rocked it on each of em. Thirty six hours till climax.
  5. Somehow I feel ownership is compliciit in all the Bucfuckery by the league. Even if only out of pure incompetence.
  6. It won't be just the Falcons. That look will probably last through game 8 when the blank stare of defeat starts to set in.
  7. bucs63

    Two Days of Moronia Left

    Kinda blurry but I like the whore shakin her maracas and the one in the middle holding the tray of sex toys.
  8. He looks like he just saw one of the young CB's pull down his shorts to take a shit on the field while a dog was humpin a linebacker.
  9. bucs63

    Ed Oliver

    I read it on BucsChat. It's more Devin is going early. Devin is a once in a 10 year player. Devin will make $100 million in 5 years. You can't afford Devin. Be like Devin. 😂 Ok, not the last one.
  10. bucs63

    Two Days of Moronia Left

    They have White going at 11. Light could trade back, pick up 3 extra picks and still get him.
  11. bucs63


    So, ...what does Susan Clark look like naked. Asking for a friend.
  12. bucs63

    Two Days of Moronia Left

    PFF's final today has Greedy bobbin on the Bucs mock. At 5.
  13. bucs63

    Ed Oliver

    I'm still on the fence about which top rated player's career I'd like destroyed. I'm leaning toward White because of his higher douchebag rating.
  14. bucs63


    Oh shit, yeah. What was I thinking? I shoulda checked, but that face took me right to a nice place. And now I'm back. Thanks.
  15. bucs63

    Ed Oliver

    If you count all the fatally bad picks, Jesse's mom's pussy would look like an exit wound.