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  1. Arians stays as long as he doesn't run anyone over on his golf cart. We should start a pool. I've got by game 14 this season.
  2. The only reason has to be because Joe Burrow's mom is a hot little milf and she might get some air time. It's all about rattings. I can't count how many times I self immolated just getting a glimpse last season. Probably should keep some Jergens on hand Thursday.
  3. Thanks big bro. This is your board. One of the reasons I'm here.
  4. I didn't see Brady's post game interview. The pic I did see to start that video made him look a little she'll shocked. Kinda like he was before his parole board. Was it right after he heard Arians shit all over him in his interview?
  5. Bucs have a boatload of overlooked assets this year.
  6. Fuck Winston. The immature dancing piece of shit sucked ass. He deserves to rot on the bench in the CFL.
  7. Brady wasn't Bilicheat's Brady. But I had a couple non-Buc fans who hate his Patriot ass tell me they hate to admit it but the Bucs QB play looks improved. That's gotta say something.
  8. Smith sucked only on the plays where he missed blocks in pass protection and failed to maintain them when running to his side. But he was playing against good players.
  9. I'm sure no one noticed I was gone or gave a shit, as I deleted my post quoting yours right after it. where I also said Adios forever to BucsChat for much the same reason. But here I am now. There are a couple posters who are special douchebags when it comes to interjection of their politics. It creates an urge to retaliate. Suppressing the urge causes unwanted agita. But here I am, back now. I've been here forever and before it was BucsChat. Before, when it was a great way to get information about the team when living outside the area where few media sites ever mentioned them. A great time to be a fan with the internet and local fans discussing what they hear. I no longer had to go to Public libraries and read local Tampa papers on microfiche. And I am back now. I've been here to see a core group become much like family. A large one with the usual familial disagreements, some members closer to each other than others, with some that spend time outside of this little shit hole. Yes, it has diminished to something of a half way house for fans of these poor bastards that can't shake off the Buc stink year after year. I've decided I'm not going to give that up. I am home. I wish you'd come back home too. You are family. Ignore the assholes. They probably ignore me. Fuck 'em. Oh, and the reason this board was dead on game day is that many probably were unaware the season was actually started and were online reading volumes from their favorite scientists telling them that it'll never fuckin happen.
  10. OK. Uncle. That's it. I give up. Sayonara season. Arrivederci Brady. Guhbye Gronk. Expect the most cruel double penetration fuckening. An expected hapless Buc schlemiel ass plundering plus a vicious un-lubed ramming by that sick bitch mother nature with some super virus infected horse cock. If we didn't have to wear these damn masks she'd have us choking on syphilitic cock too. Fuck Me To Hell 2020.
  11. I think I just heard Goodell say "Sometimes, you should shut the fuck up." "Unless players are essentially in a bubble — insulated from the community and they are tested nearly every day — it would be very hard to see how football is able to be played this fall," Fauci told CNN on Thursday. He also expressed pessimism for a full season if a second wave of the coronavirus spreads during the fall. "If there is a second wave, which is certainly a possibility and which would be complicated by the predictable flu season, football may not happen this year," https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2020/06/18/coronavirus-nfl-season-football-anthony-fauci-covid-19/3213140001/
  12. If we can get past Winston's team, maybe.
  13. RE the article about DC's, dipwad London says our Bucs PROBABLY won't even win the division. Fuck him with preseason wood. And the next article there ranks OL's. Bucs nearer the top than the bottom at #13. That's bound to leak a little pre-cum on some tighty whities.
  14. My Dad was, of course, was from a different generation. He would've described her this way: "If she ever fell forward, she wouldn't hit her face." I think that would be updated these days to something like "That bitch got big titties to fuck and cum on her face." I think I even heard that in some lyrics the other day.
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