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  1. JPP Footage

    There was a tit's chance in hell you were referring to an art form. And I think it is if you work at it.
  2. JPP Footage

    Awesome. Who else has a middle finger that looks like a smoked down Cohiba. I wouldn't mind seeing him toss Cam a solid fisting with that mess. OK, I don't want to see it but hope it happens. Repeatedly. Another reason to not watch the games.
  3. Good to see she's still keeping up those electrolysis treatments.
  4. I'm Vegan. And lesbian. Piscaterian lesbian.
  5. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    I thought every team got screwed with a Thursday night game? I don't watch em anyway.
  6. Flossie looks like she's got girth. She hidin skirt steak down there?
  7. Would you pass on Nelson for a DB?

    Yeah, we only think he thinks like we do. It's like that time when my GF dropped hints about Valentine's day saying how much she liked strawberries. Simple enough, right. Then she gets upset while we're at that fancy-ass restaurant she likes when she opens her gift. And it starts. I'm like, quit crying. It's strawberry lube. You told me strawberry didn't you? Never could understand how some women think.
  8. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    He'll be bloomin W's like they're comin out his ass.
  9. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    It's weed week on Viceland. You been makin summa dem recipes?
  10. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    Right dash. As in dash to the toilet with explosive diarrhea and projectile vomiting. And not getting there on time.
  11. Pamphile Headed to Titans

    Well there ya go. And it lead to Mangurian's pro career end then Pat "Fat Mall Santa" Morris' brief stint.
  12. Bucs partial 2018 Schedule

    0 - 17. We lose the bye week too.
  13. Someone removed her shock collar?
  14. Pamphile Headed to Titans

    Has there been a good OL Coach, while working for the Bucs, since Muir? Amazing life story there with his rise from a Susquehanna Hat Company trainee.
  15. Beckwith hurt in car accident

    I might have expected him to fall off one of his whoreses.