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  1. I imagine it's not so bad coaching an Ivy league school. I know Saban flew in by helicopter to my old HS, which I live very close to, earlier this year to recruit a player. Seems it must be grueling as cool as that sounds.
  2. Working for the Bucs, at least the top positions, hasn't been a resume builder for the last decade. Ya think Smith would go for a college HC position? He'd probably be a good recruiter.
  3. Yeah, lips have been as tight as Margot Robbie's vajayjay about Beckwith's condition and recovery. Gotta wonder if he'll see the field again
  4. bucs63

    Stupid F#cking team

    Awww fuck hope right in the pussy. I'll probably get bargain priced tickets for one of the early November games. Some friends have been threatening to kidnap me to get up for a visit. I've got plenty rope and Buccaneer logo duct tape. Oh. And plenty of bad judgement.
  5. Well suck it does. Duffner's so screwed.
  6. bucs63

    Turnover machine Winston

    You really can't cherry pick what you want for comparisons on individual or team performance. There's no perfection in any player's or team's game. Browns fans must be saying what if we didn't have 14 penalties and give their sorry asses 6 first downs. Shit happens. It's just that we're used to having more of it happening to the Bucs. Winston and the offense probably has enough to keep them in contention. With a defense that's not at the bottom of everything that's probably enough.
  7. bucs63

    Stupid F#cking team

    Did any fans stay for the OT? A lot of empty seats were noticeable and Cleveland fans seemed to make about as much noise as Bucs early in the game. Announced attendance is usually more than actual. Does this mean plenty of good deals on Stub Hub for the upcoming home games? A November game would be comfortable. Greg Auman✔@gregauman Bucs' announced attendance for today's game against Browns was 53,682 -- down from 62,571 for last home game vs. Steelers. 6:06 PM - Oct 21, 2018
  8. bucs63

    Kudos to Carl Nassib

    Browns castoff comes in and is more effective than our own DE vet draft picks. Only 2 of our 6 DE's are Buc draft picks but he can't help that.
  9. bucs63


    There will be a rash of former NFL kickers on the street with "Will Kick For Food" signs soon. This turmoil has sparked global interest. There's so much opportunity for a few good kickers now to make the big NFL money that there's rush of an estimated 7000 kicker hopefuls trying to forge their way through Mexico just to vie for the upcoming vacant positions. Godspeed oh legions of golden feet.
  10. bucs63

    Stupid F#cking team

    Now, now, it's not that bad. Koetter's not the first head coach to toss a red flag during overtime. Is he?
  11. bucs63


    So just have him kick the extra points from around the 40.
  12. bucs63

    Dumbass Play Calling

    Who was calling plays today?
  13. bucs63


    Ravens just lost on a missed extra point that would tie it with seconds to go His first missed PAT this year