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  1. About the only thing that can stop him, in usual Buc fashion, is a big new Contract.
  2. They drafted enough respected talent for the secondary the last couple years that there should be more than a couple players to expect to develop into solid pros. Thank you Jebus for that ray of light.
  3. I'm not going to dick around trying to guess who could replace Arians' love interest or back up him up. We're in purgatory now and will be in Jaboob hell at least the next year or so. And the backup will be as backups are. Always better than the starter on a losing team. Habanida.
  4. Yay! https://www.buccaneers.com/news/devin-white-named-nfc-defensive-rookie-of-the-month
  5. The fake one died. He has a new one. Hot with fake boobs.
  6. bucs63

    Panthers Fire Rivera

    Don't think I'd want to see anything I can't unsee.
  7. bucs63

    Panthers Fire Rivera

    Welp, you can't believe everything reported. Turns out the Rivera naked rendition of Ave Maria is now said to have taken place shortly after he was fired.
  8. bucs63

    Panthers Fire Rivera

    There's a report, or maybe it's more of a rumor, that the firing was actually relatedly to a personal issue. It's believed he was detained for an incident at a local Charlotte Ale House. The report says he was observed by patrons in the men's room standing in front of a urinal fully naked and singing Ave Maria in a piercing falsetto. It's likely that some agreement was reached with Tepper to avoid embarrassment of both Rivera and the franchise to keep that story away from the media. It may be just a matter of time though before video turns up though.
  9. With Winston getting the new contract maybe RT gets an upgrade at the top of the draft. Maybe not at #1, but before a DB or a Special Teamer.
  10. bucs63

    Panthers Fire Rivera

    Atlanta is sukin it. Carolina's in turmoil. All we need is some kind of falling on their face shit in New Orleans and these resurging Bucs may do something someday.
  11. I missed the presser. Didn't Arians mention Evans was supposed to be exactly where Winston placed the ball on those, and others?
  12. Might be too expensive still, as a backup.
  13. How about RoJones for only 8 yards and a 1.3 yard average? Or Mike Evans only corralling 4 balls when he was targeted 11 times? Fuck that. They gotta go.
  14. bucs63

    Bucs lead 7-0

    The only thing to think about the Bucs QB play at this point is how much cap will be used on it and for how long.