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  1. Perfect fit player. At 6' 6" he only needs to add about 40 pounds or so to be the eventual athletic replacement at RT the Oline needs to be dominant but GM Light will get his man.
  2. bucs63

    Offseason 2019

    I like prune danish.
  3. bucs63

    Offseason 2019

    The former starter puts the kibosh on plans to take a RB in the first round. Paid analysts scramble to tweak their mocks. Moistness to follow.
  4. Oh boy, it's been a while since I've had pickled herring in sour cream. I usually just get the Vita brand at Publix. Or sometimes a huge jar at Costco or BJ'S. Goes great on a Triscuit. Now you made me hungry.
  5. Is that her on The View demonstrating the firm ham fisted grip she uses on cock she's gobblin when guys are being a little uncooperative? And by uncooperative i mean awake. But why is it whenever I see her I still imagine her coming out of the shower with that huge butt plug? (Yeah, I know I agreed never to mention her butt plug again, but there ya go.) And how the hell did Ted Danson end up banging that? Sam Malone woulda but Ted Frikin Danson?
  6. You might want to check with OSHA for weight and age limits. Safety first!
  7. bucs63

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Yeah. I guess you would not want to play with someone else's putter.
  8. bucs63

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Absolutely. But other than working at a country club as a ute and occasionally getting to maintain the golf carts or sneaking out to a putting green my only experience on a course has been limited to driving the cart and consuming large quantities of beer.
  9. bucs63

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Golf's OK fan, but take her fishing. As a baby. You'll thank me later. 😊
  10. He could mean something of the equine or camelid family.
  11. bucs63

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Wow. Were they Kennedy's clubs?
  12. A lot of people getting laid tonight. A lot of others yankin it like a monkey up a mango tree all night. And yet there's probably a few that get laid and don't get any sleep because their wife keeps getting up to pee because of prostate problems.
  13. bucs63

    News for my extended Bucschat family

    Who buys golf clubs from 2 hoodie wearin scumbag thugs. Good thing they caught up with them at Mickey D's holdin Big Macs and orange coke. At least you got your car back. Sell it. You'll never get the smell out. Fuckin scumbags.
  14. There's a card that doesn't beat around the bush.
  15. bucs63

    The Dream Draft Scenario

    A fullback named LeSean Farrell and we trade up to get Jabooker Reese?