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  1. They each have 6 penalties on the season so far, but Seattle is 8-5 and have won their last 4. So, ...they're probably not firing anyone?
  2. It would take an exorcism.
  3. Just Rest Sweezy was injured before the ink even dried on his 5 year $32 million contract. He rehabbed a year and was Warhopping it, uh, ...still resting it, while playing last year until he got re-fuckened near the end of the season. And holy blueberry fuckmuffins, he's doing well. Who'da thunk it?
  4. bucs63

    Thanks NFL ya bunch of dicks

    Gotta get my passport updated. I'm going to watch the Bucs get make us proud on another continent. Stadium curry? Can't wait.
  5. bucs63

    Thanks NFL ya bunch of dicks

    The TV show makes most of the money and the Glazers will pocket the gate wherever it's played. And it doesn't affect anyone's fantasy teams. What's there to bitch about?
  6. Career killer. He's a sick fukin genius. A master of deception. A psychopathic anomaly..
  7. There were many players to finger for the loss, but Winston completing only 47% makes it hard to place him too high on the played well list yesterday.
  8. The 73.3% with the Bucs was Catanzaro's lowest FG made percentage in his career. Coincidence?
  9. bucs63

    The Taste Of Losing

    A little hot sauce and about a half a sleeve of Ritz.
  10. bucs63

    Koetter is done.

    I thought it was Alstott.
  11. bucs63

    Dicks in Attendance?

    Godwin was filling in for Jackson. It's perfectly understandable then that he had one completion when ten targeted ten times.
  12. Glazer's are on the phone with him now.
  13. I got it from NFL.com and yep, oops, it was the net for the team. No, we couldn't run the ball. Now if we had Ingram and Kamara, their line, and we played us, the 25 carries would be about right.
  14. bucs63

    Worst Call in NFL History

    I will cheer for no one. I will be a bitch leader for 31 teams the rest of the way. Fuck them all and leave them wet.
  15. I've said this for a while and the more kickers that come in and flip the shit switch on only for the Bucs you've got to wonder.