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  1. Tannehill was a first round draft pick. Eighth overall. I wonder what the Fins past up in a possible trade down. Just sayin...
  2. bucs63

    Where will Winston land?

    Winston taking down Belicheck would be his greatest and most appreciated accomplishment.
  3. You were wrong about it. But you're right about it now. The Bucs in the draft seem to lose like some rube suckered into a three cup shell game by slick street cons.
  4. bucs63

    More touches for OJ Howard

    Tres animal.
  5. You have a shot at a possible Franchise QB when you've already got Glennon as your starter. No doubt any team trades the pick.
  6. bucs63

    More touches for OJ Howard

    How do we know Arians can still make the Dinah Moe Hum?
  7. Yeah, and imagine the ensuing shitstorm when the Bucs passed up finally getting a franchise QB to pull the perennial cellar dwellers up to contender level. The experts were sucking both Heisman QB's dicks so hard and often they were going back to back at the top and the Bucs were just lucky to have the choice between them. A no brainer. Perfect. No brainer. But c'mon. What are the odds all the picks they would have garnered would have had any more impact before they had their disappointing asses cut? Go Bucs
  8. bucs63

    2020 Draft Prospects

  9. bucs63

    Bobo and Bond released

    WR Amarah Darboh has been promoted to the active roster effectively filling Bobo's spot.
  10. Funny Glennon wasn't mentioned. He was awesome during the exhibition season for Gruden.
  11. Yes. And by his second year plenty did. He and Raheehawchestbump had us at 10 -6. We had it going on and that was the best year in the last decade. Nearly every damn one of those QB's brought some hope and hardon if for only a brief moment. (Like the after a draft press conference.) We missed out on some that were forced to wither on the roster. Fans calls for Fusina to replace Williams fell on deaf ears. Who can forget the buzz for guys like Weldon, Josh Johnson, Hamilton, or the one who was so aggressively touted, tooted, and ball-lapped here as the one legitimate NFL QB on the roster; Eric Zeier. (OK, the last one was getting sucked of by that asshat fish enough to qualify for all of Bucdom.) Yep, ridiculous. The Bucs need to continue following their plan; If at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking until you do succeed.
  12. bucs63

    Officiating ruining this game

    The lyin cheatin cock suckin sumbag refs can choke on camel cum and it'll never make up for this.
  13. Any odds out there on Winston throwing a pick 6 on his first play anyway?
  14. I guess it proves the coach(es), and GM providing a dearth of defensive talent, are the reason the team sucks so fuckin hard. If Arians can't win with the top scoring offense using the former number one overall talent, they should fire the whole lot and start over. Now. 😀
  15. bucs63

    Rams CBs

    The same injury McCoy apparently couldn't shake?