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  1. bucs63

    Goober Injured?

    Testaverde was signed today to throw a few balls at practice. Evans activated off PUP too. Woot woot yay yay hey hey Tampa Bay! woot?
  2. bucs63


    Hudson passed Paris Warren for most receiving yards in a preseason game. In just 3 games! Better sit him for the next exhibition game.
  3. bucs63

    O-Line looks like shit

    Cappa, Bennecockht, and those whatshisnames aren't safe on the roster. Or shouldn't be. Maybe Cappa. There are probably a few rejects available as upgrades after the cuts. And the trade Brate for Online help idea is laughable. How often have the Bucs NOT not gotten the shitty end of the stick in a desperate trsde.?
  4. Good hire. He's a high energy guy. And he paddles to porn.
  5. bucs63

    Are you all fucking idiots?

    Don't know bout the rest a y'all, but yeah. Have I ever given ya any reason to question ir.?
  6. bucs63

    Bucs win Bucs Win

    I saw the 2nd half. Kinda inspirational. (Yeah, just go with it. Ya gotta take what they're givin)
  7. bucs63

    O-Line looks like shit

    It's Griffin's job to lose at this point. The starting QB job that is. Not the games. That'll happen naturally.
  8. bucs63

    O-Line looks like shit

    Dirk had this offense humming. Sort of.
  9. bucs63

    O-Line looks like shit

    But is he making the right decisions?
  10. bucs63

    O-Line looks like shit

    He needs to get used to it?
  11. SOS? Not watching the game but I believe the ball was inside the 20.
  12. White deserving as many titties as Allen. Or any titties. Lopsided, flabby, dinner plate nippled, titties. Even one fuckin tit. Whatever.
  13. bucs63

    Ass kickin

    Mayfields? Is that the ice cream brand people been licking at Texas Walmarts? Lick one with nuts Browns. Bucs 19 - 17
  14. bucs63

    Josh Allen

    "Your pathetic destiny is bound with the destiny of others. You must learn to carry the weight of the universe or be crushed by it. You must grow stong enough to love the Bucs, yet empty enough to sit at the same table with their never ending fucking horrors." - Some asshole Buc fan