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  1. It's just an opinion. But "The Buccaneers offensively are the definition of insanity..." https://www.radio.com/weei/sports/patriots/dan-orlovsky-bruce-arians-is-wasting-tom-brady
  2. It's inevitable. These are the Bucs. Marcia Brady has learned to be a little gun shy. A ball to the face. A bunch of dicks in the face. On her back. Legs in the air. She's now a fucking slut. Dollar lap dances. Men's room blowjobs. Black eye. Broken nose. A trailer park syphilitic alcohol soaked skank in an abusive relationship with Bubba Arians. But I don't think she's gonna have him introduce her at the HOF induction.
  3. Arians says Brady is fucking stupid during games. Can't read a D. Can't make the play
  4. I read the Ravens are locked out of their facility by the NFL until at least Monday.
  5. To everything (turn, turn, turn)There is a season (turn, turn, turn)And a time to every purpose, under heavenA time to be born, a time to die… All, yes all, of the Broncos quarterbacks are ruled out due to Covid protocol. And they say they will not forfeit the game. The show must go on. Break a leg.
  6. That would be a terrific 9 win season. Tom and Bruce don't need to exceed or even match the 10 win season Josh and Raheem gave us. There was never a reason to expect to reach that level of greatness right away. It took them two years together and this would prove we're still ...MOVING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.
  7. Arians dumps on Brady. I guess Winston was more accurate with the deep ball. If you believe accuracy has something to do with chucking up a jump ball for Evans . But Brady apparently doesn't recognize coverage all of a sudden. Sudden onset dementia? It's a mystery to be solved by Marpet. Uh. Greater minds. I mean greater minds. ... Tom Brady's struggles with deep passes. Per NFL's Next Gen Stats, Brady is 0 for 19 on deep passes (20-plus air yards down the field) over his last four games, three of which being the games Brown has played. In the first seven games of the season, Brady was
  8. Not just Brady. He had dicks shoved in his face all night and ended up dirty just like in the NO game. He's a Buc now. The poor dumb bastard must be having regerts.
  9. Damn. I don't know if I can refrain from saying fuck the lying cheating ref bastards at least once during the game. Sorry. Fuck the kickers. Not sorry.
  10. You know, I was thinking about that miscommunication thing with the Heimlich reference and it reminded me of he time I came home from fishing and my wife had changed the locks on the damn house, I had told her I'll be back pretty late and will have some stripers to clean, so don't wait up for me. Yeah. Strippers. I go out for Snapper more often these days. Got rid of all my crab traps.
  11. That's impressive. Especially if it's a 48 inch window. The Bucs are like a box of chocolates. You never know when they're going to choke on a dick.
  12. I kinda doubt that. But maybe like a fresh scungilli salad. Like that wise man once said: if it smells like cologne, leave it alone.
  13. I don't know if Cam is capable of creating such sartorial splendor of his own doing. It seems more likely Cam uses a flaming uh, fearless, haberdasher who dresses him in unabashed gay-risque bodhi style. Regardless, the comic value is worthwhile.
  14. Those Buffalo Bulls of frigid college lore took since 1894 to produce a player of Mack's level. I had him on my mock. Three times. I said the athletically gifted yet mostly overlooked asset the Bucs stole in the fifth round from there just needed an opportunity to shine. Other than that year with the Bucs. Or the Ravens. Or the Eagles. I predicted it would come back to bite my Bucs right in the ass. I'm right now that he's a Falcon. Making his mark. As I said he would. It might be a skid mark in some un-tidy whities but they should be Buc skid marks damnit. Toodles.
  15. BTW Does anyone have a pic or a link about the giant banner draped outside the west side of the stadium which was slowing traffic for a while on Dale Mabry? It supposedly read "We're So Screwed." Kinda made me wonder if Apple, the roof guy, was involved somehow.
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