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  1. bucs63

    81 million in cap space and..

    His interceptions have increased percentage wise the last two years. What is he learning? He's gonna be a Buc a while. There not going to be a better option unless he just totally implodes.
  2. bucs63

    81 million in cap space and..

    A decent receiver might help too. And don't forget kicker, punter, and longsnapper that don't make his 400 yard games turn to shit.
  3. bucs63

    81 million in cap space and..

    A full day elapses and not one Jaboob nut cuping, goo goblin, excuse making goober chimes in to say it was his 5000 yards and TD's which had them nearly hit .500. He'll suck cap and you'll like it. Six years, $180M.
  4. bucs63

    81 million in cap space and..

    The outsiders brought in last year on one year deals proved to be a boon for the team and damn near brought the team out of the losing season muck in which they wallow. Guess even a blind pig... Based on their impact watching the games, Suh and Barrett were worth their deals. Perriman earned his keep when it was his turn. The punter? Do they even count? Fuck no.
  5. bucs63

    Philip Rivers to the Bucs?

    Brady moved to Connecticut. Guess that means he'll be a Giant or a Jet, right? Bucs lose out again, damnit!!!
  6. bucs63

    Philip Rivers to the Bucs?

    He bought in the panhandle to be near family in Alabama. Might make a decent backup for Jaboob if they can swing it cap wise.
  7. bucs63

    Manchester United vs Bucaneers

    I fucked the queen and the goofy bitch ate the load like a soupy curry. That's the American dream. 🤣
  8. I don't think this is from today's game but still...
  9. bucs63

    Manchester United vs Bucaneers

    First you degrade midgets and now you attack America. These Glazertards are sometimes rumored to be interested in moving the team to England. Seems you might deserve it.
  10. The good news is Andy Reid doesn't need to have the defense work on their pass rush these next two weeks.
  11. bucs63

    Manchester United vs Bucaneers

    We have great respect here for the horned ones risen from infernal depths whom we call Glazertards as they clutch purses of gold with their cloven hooves and leave anguished fans in eternal despair. Don't understand why they're not doing as well over your way.
  12. I'll start. Thought I'd pop in to see the Bucs. The lights were on but no one was Mahomes. Your turn...
  13. bucs63

    What a stupid article

    Will Rosinson's dad. Shit, everyone should know that.