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  1. Speaking of boredom, I've seen a bit of TV lately and of course there are Pandemic experts non-stop everywhere. But there are some interesting developments lately. So just a heads up: There has been some speculative reports that pets may be able to carry the virus. Particularly with cats and the case with the Tiger at the NY zoo feeding more questions. There's also concern the virus can be carried on pet fur. Experts say it may be possible and don't know how long it may stay contagious. The conclusions sound scary and the media should be shamed for the needless sensationalism. Every damn fool off the street knows that if you mess with some strange pussy you wash your hands right away. Stay Safe 2020!
  2. Getting the clap is unlucky. Your dick falling off from it is fuckened.
  3. Unique? The most unique team? He means fuckened. He don't know shit about fuckened.
  4. Agreed. His 62.5 passer rating isn't anything to write home about but he has never, EVER, thrown an interception.
  5. I just imagined Gabbert saying "I'm a victim of soycumstance, nyuk nyuk.' [SLAP]
  6. Makes sense. That's also why they were both drafted way below their actual value.
  7. I just hope they don't pick a kicker high again. But it seems Light is high when he picks all kinds of players, not just kickers. He needs to get his bitch ass in rehab.
  8. Woot. Brady will mentor him. Good thing. It's not as likely Light n Arians will waste a draft pick on a QB now. Super Bowl 2020!
  9. Love the all black unis. Much better than the cheap off brand ketchup all red one's. But where's the numbers? Is that Cappa?
  10. The reveal of the new uniforms is set for Tuesday, the 7th. I'm sure we won't all be disappointed. Unless they look something more like this than the old ones. There's no orange damnit! But does it matter anyway? It's a fucking uniform. I mean, did half the country jerk off to Farrah's swimsuit when this hit the market ? ...or her nipples. Yeah, I can hear it now. So ...OK, for Reg, how bout this. Or THIS
  11. I'd like to say everyone but probably only both Bradys, Godwin, three Glazertards, a gay kicker, ...and either Lilly the toothless goat or every other Buc QB who wore #12 in order of oldest first and Trently twice.
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