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  1. Oh Shit!!

    Smith out 2 to 4, so it's a good chance he's not going to be ready for the opener. Ian Rapoport ✔@RapSheet #Bucs standout LT Donovan Smith, who suffered what appeared to be a scary injury in practice, has a sprained knee and is out 2-4 weeks, source said. Not good news for QB Ryan Fitzpatrick for his starts, but not worst-case scenario for Tampa Bay and Smith. 9:55 PM - Aug 21, 2018
  2. Oh Shit!!

    Yeah, It's JPP's team now. Fire those cannons, damnit!
  3. Oh Shit!!

    That's reassuring. It's amazing what they can do with prosthetics these days.
  4. The other day this young woman came to my door holding some leaflets and said she was from Saint Teresa's missionary. I told her I liked her style. Hopefully Koetter and Monken are on the same page.
  5. Oh Shit!!

    Yeah, but... It's not like they'll suddenly think he was so great they should've taken him home to fuck their momma. Just that OL talent behind a starter usually looks like a big oafish halfwit when plugged in at LT and has to deal with a teams best pass rusher. We still have Mike Smith to apply that phrase to though.
  6. Oh Shit!!

    Those injuries won't be as bad as they first thought. Amputations are becoming quite common these days.
  7. Offseason Blows

    Rona Jo's hammy may not have set him back though he's never moved forward but Vea can't take the heat and is eating pudding in his underwear instead of practicing while many are whacking themselves dry daily about Watson's impressive camp showing. Suck on dat, castrated chickens.
  8. Observations from Titans Game

    I like head cheese served with a little labia ceviche.
  9. Sims injured on the kickoff

    Yeah. I finally saw it on a replay. What was the bitchin about?
  10. Observations from Titans Game

    There's no reason to believe that Guice would have suffered such a severe injury if the Bucs had drafted him. He'd be on his way to a Rookie of the Year season and being measure for that gold jacket.
  11. Observations from Titans Game

    I think there's been a a package of Grace Cock Soup in the pantry for years now. Never tried it. Speaking of which, is Vea going to play in an exhibition game?
  12. Observations from Titans Game

    Comes in lots of variations so it never gets old. Not sure what's in this one. Then there's this. As far as football goes, sure would like to see what Vea can do. And hope we see a running game with some consistency develop by the opening day win. Go Cocks!
  13. Observations from Titans Game

    Way to spoil a good cream pie. Sheesh! Go W.
  14. Observations from Titans Game

    I like the kudos awarded Jameis. But if we're supoosed to be excited that our number one overall pick has become aware of when he has a free play going into year 4, that's that's that's going to end up as cream pie.
  15. Urban Meyer

    The one in the middle looks a little agressive.as does the one on the left. How hot is it when a female isn't afraid to make direct eye contact when you first meet.