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    So Much For Having A Kicker

    After watching Winston get nailed over and over, Gay most likely had some scary thoughts on that missed kick
  2. Seafarer

    Bucs win Bucs Win

    This must be a bait thread oline oh my oh my
  3. Seafarer

    Are you all fucking idiots?

    Can't judge Mayfield, he had a week to look around the field. So, he really wasn't that good
  4. Seafarer

    O-Line looks like shit

    What Oline? Are we in trouble, oh yes we are. Maybe third string should open, can't be any worse.
  5. Seafarer

    Flag Fest WTF!

    And the flags continue, many of which should never have been thrown. Maybe they are tempting more RED flags
  6. Seafarer

    Ryan Griffin

    Arian has to know Griffen is beating Gabbert left and right.
  7. Seafarer

    Fins game

    Where to start......channel 8 sucks for coverage. Didn't show fins first field goal, commercials. Takes forever for down and yardage to pop up and didn't a few times till the next play was over. Then the refs, are you kidding me. Missed calls bad calls, play continues with clock run out. Flag happy I'm ready to see our team without several players. It's hard to judge the team with them in there. But ya have to give props tp Arian for playing them and taking a good look see
  8. Why oh why did we only use him on kick returns? What's up with that.
  9. Seafarer


    Two weeks in a row Gabbert needs to play HS ball, grammer school.......Griffen is our backup for sure, better be.
  10. I'm looking forward to see him in action this Friday. A repeat should lock him in for sure
  11. Oh, he's our new receiver! Holy crap....he actually will come back for the ball
  12. Seafarer

    Ryan Griffin

    He did an awesome job in the last qtr. we best keep him and dump Gabbert, who sucked. There were several guys that looked good in 4th qtr. Might say they were up against other 3rd string but they looked great.
  13. Seafarer

    Aside from the obvious...

    We know that! Hope he has more than that to get more W's
  14. How about those girls 13-0. Glad to see them rejoice over each point. Slam'um and kick ass. Great Job, Sunday 11:30am next game
  15. Seafarer

    Head Coach

    So do we dump K and look for a better head coach, defence, offence coordinators? I'm Thinkin we should really consider a new head coach and offence coordinator. Defence no idea
  16. Seafarer

    What To Do With Winston?

    Why wpould we get rid of a great QB again. It's the coaches. I've sais this over and over. Winston needs more time, the line sucks as well as the head coach. If for nothing else, not calling the time out
  17. Seafarer

    Who Coaches the Bucs in 2019?

    The freakin cheerleaders
  18. Seafarer

    Koetter is done.

    He sure did by not calling a time out
  19. Seafarer

    Head Coach

    Why just why didnt Kotter call a time out. He is a disaster. Fuck the Bucs
  20. Seafarer

    Koetter is done.

    Completely agree !
  21. Seafarer

    What To Do With Winston?

    Keep him for sure. Get him to keep his stick in the right place, include hands
  22. Bucs crush the boys from Texas. Bucs need some tweaking on both lines and I'm not real convinced the corners eat it or what. This is the type of game the Bucs play a great game and run on all cylinders !
  23. Seafarer


    Just need to put some pressure on Brees and we can pull a V on the game