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    Just need to put some pressure on Brees and we can pull a V on the game
  2. Seafarer

    It's a wrap!

    I'm ok with Winston but the entire o 7 d lines new to go as well as the coaches
  3. Seafarer


    Who was the last good kicker we had, I can't remember?
  4. Seafarer


    GUESS I SHOULD HAVE WATCHED NASCAR! Would have some alcohol left!
  5. Seafarer

    Is koetter calling plays today?

    Our CB's suck offense line sucks D-line sucks, special teams so so. There was no way Jamis could over come all this crap not playing with our guys for a month
  6. Seafarer

    Is koetter calling plays today?

    Has to be. He's the only on who could screw things up this bad
  7. Seafarer

    Don't worry fellas

    Not with Fitz Put Jamis in
  8. Seafarer

    OT Brady

    Will Brady play next year?
  9. This year we finally have a good o-line and Jamis will do great. He has been rush every year and still make great passes. Now.....even better.
  10. Seafarer

    Today's TV games

    What a game it was! Back and forth the entire game. I believe the Bucs will beat both of them. Hard to believe not 1 int all game.
  11. Seafarer

    Bucs Saints Game

    I foorgot about that fact. He did a great job.
  12. Seafarer


    How, if any, starters are out after the sai nts game?
  13. Seafarer

    Bucs Saints Game

    I think Kutter (spell off) pulled the plug to early and gave the saints an open door in the 4th. I understand the run run and burn the clock but you need some passes for 1st downs along the way
  14. Seafarer

    2 points

    Sorry, but I believe they will get better on offense. We just have plenty of good receivers. The defence was getting Fitz time to look the field over. You have to be impressed with a win against the NO our first game. I was a little depressed after NO first score so quickly the Bucs came back with fury an kept it up 3 quater
  15. Seafarer

    Obligatory Refs Suck Post

    Looked like preseason calls. On Defense and offense calla
  16. Seafarer

    Bucs Jag game

    The first half wasn't to bad but the second, well I watched the shooter. Allen sucks. He he just to small and can't see whats going on. Ok not just him but the entire team looked shitty.
  17. Seafarer


    Is it me or do the refs so far eat shit? I've seen so many calls that we not even close or they really turned the NFL to a game for girls. No offense ladies
  18. Seafarer

    Charles Sims is on IR

    That hurts big time
  19. Seafarer


    The first half, the team looked very good but the second half, I changed channel and went to sleep. The qbs looked great as did the main receivers. Backs ehFitz gives us a chance for the first 3 games with the eagles not lookin real good. Must be the SB curse
  20. Seafarer

    Charles Sims is on IR

    Maybe we can find a free agent
  21. Seafarer

    Observations from Titans Game

    The left CB needs to stick with the receiver or we could be in trouble.
  22. Who ever is makin the calls, it looks like we have some great receivers and Winston is tossing some good passes. Also, the receivers can grab the ball from the backups too The Saints game will surely be interesting.
  23. Seafarer

    Reality Check: Bucs 2018 Schedule

    New Orleans W 16PHILADELPHIA L PITTSBURGH W at Chicago W Bye Week at Atlanta L at Cleveland W at Cincinnati L at Carolina L WASHINGTON W at New York Giants L SAN FRANCISCO W CAROLINA W NEW ORLEANS W at Baltimore L at Dallas L ATLANTA W
  24. Seafarer

    Draft Thread

    I'm worried about the cornerbacks. Receivers are getting so tall they can't be covered