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  1. Observations from Titans Game

    The left CB needs to stick with the receiver or we could be in trouble.
  2. Who ever is makin the calls, it looks like we have some great receivers and Winston is tossing some good passes. Also, the receivers can grab the ball from the backups too The Saints game will surely be interesting.
  3. Reality Check: Bucs 2018 Schedule

    New Orleans W 16PHILADELPHIA L PITTSBURGH W at Chicago W Bye Week at Atlanta L at Cleveland W at Cincinnati L at Carolina L WASHINGTON W at New York Giants L SAN FRANCISCO W CAROLINA W NEW ORLEANS W at Baltimore L at Dallas L ATLANTA W
  4. Draft Thread

    I'm worried about the cornerbacks. Receivers are getting so tall they can't be covered
  5. Today's playoff games.

    No way the Falcons lost that game. Last play calls were terrible.
  6. Buca season

    Bucs could easily been in the playoffs without so many injuries. Watching the playoffs so far the Bucs could beat all of them as we played in most of the games. I really like that newer receiver. Is he a rookie? Forgot his name but made the winning catchmflying in to the end zone. What a GREAT final play
  7. Playoffs

    Saints over Panthers. I'm 2 out of 3. Thought KC would win but the ref calls were so screw up, should be a do over:)
  8. What the Hell

    Here we go again. The real bucs are showing up. Int's............
  9. What the Hell

    What the hell just happened
  10. I believe we need line help o & d. Line does their job, runs, passes will work. We have receivers and backs but no holes, no time for qb to look. All qb can do is make snap throws.
  11. LOSERS

    HBO show prior to the season jack up the young players and they can't get over it. Cutter needs to be cut. It's same ol plays over and over. Opposing teams can game play against us in 10 minutes and the D doesn't know what the hell they are doing. Winston only gets 2 sec to throw and needs at least 4 because all the passes are down field and the same spot over and over. It's easy to pick off the passes when you know who and where they are headed. And before ya talk about the short passes, they go to the same place over and over, so easy to hold back and int the ball. Buc defense ha ha ha ha
  12. Nicely stated. Mirrors my feelings just right. But they really really suck!! They have already toss in the towels and are not worth watching.
  13. Is Winston a Bust?

    Great call. I really watched our oline and dline both of which we have none. They just plain suck. You can't put it on Winston. He gets NO time to look at the field and I'm sure he just wants to do something. Now let's consider the receivers Evans and .....CB's don't make tackles or don't follow the receiver. The entire team just sucks so start with the coaches. Hell the play calls suck too