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  1. I use to have faith in Winston but I have lost all of it after his play the entire game. Im really surprised Arian didn't put Griffen in, I believe he was the best pre season, otherwise the other guy 🤔
  2. Seafarer

    That was a fumble

    Completely agree, Fumble
  3. Seafarer

    Sorry about your loss boys.

    Be happy, these are the games we usually dominate. We'll send tissues
  4. Seafarer


    Got to love our D again. Talk about a goal line stand! YES
  5. Seafarer

    Holy shit...WE WON!

    Holy Shit again, WE WON
  6. Seafarer

    The oline

    The oline gave Winston plenty of times numerous times and he missed seeing the open receivers. Makes me think he's still trying to hard for thr the bomb. What is going to take to tell him that dinks can run you down the field with 1st downs all day Glad we won a division game
  7. Seafarer


    Should have stuck Griffen in there
  8. Seafarer

    Heats helps us

    These temps and humidity should shut down the niners. Hopefully an easy win
  9. Seafarer

    O-Line looks like shit

    Can't blame Winston when he doesn't get 2 seconds to make a decision as to who is open. Count the seconds on Brady
  10. Seafarer

    So Much For Having A Kicker

    After watching Winston get nailed over and over, Gay most likely had some scary thoughts on that missed kick
  11. Seafarer

    Bucs win Bucs Win

    This must be a bait thread oline oh my oh my
  12. Seafarer

    Are you all fucking idiots?

    Can't judge Mayfield, he had a week to look around the field. So, he really wasn't that good
  13. Seafarer

    O-Line looks like shit

    What Oline? Are we in trouble, oh yes we are. Maybe third string should open, can't be any worse.
  14. Seafarer

    Flag Fest WTF!

    And the flags continue, many of which should never have been thrown. Maybe they are tempting more RED flags