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  1. With our receivers this should be a great year. Winston should have taken a pay cut to stay and play with Brady. Will be the biggest mistake he ever made.
  2. With the receivers we have, it's the perfect place for Tom. Should be a great Bucs year!
  3. Winston idea sounds good since there are not any really good fresh qb's this year. More offensive linemen, too. Teach our wide receivers how to get truly open, not look open with a spy setting the wr up.
  4. 49ers, Ravens easy pick Green bay or Seattle is a tough call
  5. Keep him, although he made 30 int's so have other great QB's. He knows the scheme and has additional receivers now, that he timed with. Give him some offense defenders and more time to look around. He'' produce. Can you imagine starting all over with a new QB as we have for years and watch Jamis go to the playoffs with another team while we sit on the bottom again. He's our guy, deal with it
  6. Keep him. Knows the plays and scheme Works great with 5 receivers now Be back to start all over with new qb and watch Jamis win a Super Bowl win with another team instead of us How many games would we have won with an extra 3 pts!
  7. How many other teams have receiver who take the ball and not let the int happen. Throws to no where mean the receive didn't follow the play
  8. That play should have been thrown out games ago. Same play get int every time. Can't blame that one all on Jamis, play caller just as bad. Should have gone for the bomb
  9. MY problem with replacing him is finding a qb that can learn our scheme and timing with WR's. So keep him. He seems to get on track after a interception or two
  10. Considering their schedule this year they didn't do bad
  11. 1 yard bump and that's is it is BS. The 5 yard rule was much better and allowed the CB to have a sec ot two to figure out what the fuck is going on. Helmet to helmet calls seem to be another confusion. Hell running at full speed and having to stop 300 lbs ain't easy.
  12. Fox news 6:23am, Monday morning after a bucs win
  13. Awful lot of talk about them moving, thoughts. I did hear 50% Orlando 50% here
  14. Godwin has really become the qb for the bucs. Double teams on Evans gives us another great wr. CB.s seem to be getting better slowly. Since they are rookies not to bad
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