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  1. RichLP

    OT: Football Game Today?

    ...in the fucking rain.
  2. RichLP

    Being Old Sucks

    Could've been worse... coulda been your granddaughter...
  3. RichLP

    Who Coaches the Bucs in 2019?

    Anybody call Parcells yet...?
  4. RichLP

    Holy Flurkingschmidt!!!

    I always wonder... what dumb fucking Native Americans made their way down to this alligator infested, mosquito ridden steam shower, stopped, looked around and said, "This is nice, we'll stay here..."
  5. RichLP

    OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Hey... I took a shot...
  6. RichLP

    Mass Groping at NFL Network

    I think we ALL know what sexual assault is... but the question of "harassment" is the one that puzzles me. Compliments on appearance, requests for dates or phone numbers? Are these always harassment, or is it completely up to a woman to deem them so? Is the misogynistic bullshit that goes on daily, if not hourly, on this forum harassment?
  7. RichLP

    OT- I agree

    These players are EMPLOYEES at their JOB. Think the First Amendment applies there? Got to work Monday and tell your boss how you really think he's running the company.
  8. RichLP

    Irma vs Week 1

    Nothing to say... just want to be counted.
  9. RichLP

    Aguayo waived

    Now he's free to sign with the Pats.
  10. RichLP

    Big Head Greg

    Better than the Bucs' D line... really setting the bar high there...
  11. 400 yards... 4 TDs... 0 picks... Always happens.
  12. RichLP

    RIP - Ara Parseghian

    Always loved his "drunken Chinese golfer" story...
  13. RichLP

    Tundra is a Dick

    My name's Richard... and I fail to see the humor in this thread...
  14. RichLP

    Top 100 plays in Buccaneer history

    Clearly, the guy was an Alstott fan... (Who isn't!) Scott Brantley would be penalized and ejected today. Jameis' scramble and long pass should have been WAY higher! Miss those creamsicles so much... I still love Shaun King!