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  1. RichLP

    OT: Football Game Today?

    ...in the fucking rain.
  2. RichLP

    Being Old Sucks

    Could've been worse... coulda been your granddaughter...
  3. RichLP

    Who Coaches the Bucs in 2019?

    Anybody call Parcells yet...?
  4. RichLP

    Holy Flurkingschmidt!!!

    I always wonder... what dumb fucking Native Americans made their way down to this alligator infested, mosquito ridden steam shower, stopped, looked around and said, "This is nice, we'll stay here..."
  5. RichLP

    OT: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Hey... I took a shot...
  6. RichLP

    Mass Groping at NFL Network

    I think we ALL know what sexual assault is... but the question of "harassment" is the one that puzzles me. Compliments on appearance, requests for dates or phone numbers? Are these always harassment, or is it completely up to a woman to deem them so? Is the misogynistic bullshit that goes on daily, if not hourly, on this forum harassment?
  7. RichLP

    Tundra is a Dick

    My name's Richard... and I fail to see the humor in this thread...
  8. I'm still here... Everybody calm the fuck down.
  9. RichLP

    Joe Madden gone

    Obviously, your .75 seat does not go for $150 these days (at least I think not). I don't know what it actually does go for, but the difference in that price, and the $150 is your TV subsidy.
  10. RichLP

    Joe Madden gone

    Highest paid player in 1970 was Willie Mays, at $135,000 per year... in 2013, Alex Rodriguez was paid $29,000,000 per year... over 200 times as much. Your .75 seat would cost $150 at that rate...
  11. RichLP

    Joe Madden gone

    You forgot to plug free agency and TV into your calculator...
  12. RichLP

    Whatcha listening to?

    Just went over the whole HOF roster... Apparently, anybody who ever picked a guitar, or a nose is in... Fuck it, let everybody in!