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  1. Miami

    I feel the Bucs will get things clicking at some point in the season and make a push for the playoffs.
  2. Gruden Grabs Martin

    Just picked up Jordy Nelson too. 100 bucks says Gruden wins SB in the next few years while Bucs still suck. And ya don't even have to book it. Already done.
  3. 2018 FA starts tomorrow

    Bucs bout to beef up that D line by signing Eagles DT Beau Allen. Superbowl?
  4. LeGarrette Blount

    Let's take a moment and reflect on yet another ex-buc's success since being traded away for pennies. He is now going to his 3rd super bowl competing against his former super bowl winning team from the prior year and is pegged as being this years superbowl MVP.
  5. Cut Winston!

    Everytime I watch an elite QB play, I think of Winston and how he would've thrown a pick in that situation.
  6. They should not have fired him in the first place. Fans bought all kinds of chucky gear and made them lots of money off just that alone. What the fuck were they thinking? Bunch of stupid ass retarded shit bags. I'll never get over it. Him coming back now would be like a "oops, sorry we fucked up" thing that the glazertards would never admit too. It's over.
  7. What the hell happened?

    Bucschat has just been facebooked. RiP
  8. Is it even possible to overthrow Jackson?
  9. Bucs Sign Two DE's

    He only smokes joints cuz you can light either end.
  10. Early as hell W-L predictions, 2017

    13-3 Hard knocks redemption
  11. NFL bans leaping on extra points and FGs.

    Yeah, only if playing video games was any safer. Health problems include repetitive strain injuries, skin disorders, seizures, epilepsy, addiction, aggressive behavior, muscular stiffness, sleep deprivation, tendinosis, eye strain, obesity, amblyopia and in some extreme cases death. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game-related_health_problems
  12. Jameis and Peterson...

    Didn't we already talk enough about AP? I'm over it and just want Cook or Martin back. Dudes a douche.
  13. Wait, what do we hate about this team now?

    Exactly. Being ignorant and staying optimistic is the only thing keeping me sane right now.
  14. So what are our remaining needs for the draft?

    Two SB rings now. God help us.
  15. So what are our remaining needs for the draft?

    Needs confirmed. Discussion ended.